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Caught in the Crossfire



To purchase a video copy of CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE: Arab Americans in Wartime, contact First Run / Icarus Films, phone: 718-488-8900; fax: 718-488-8642; email:

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Arab-American Institute
Committed to the civic and political empowerment of Arab Americans, AAI's Web site focuses on policy, research and public affairs services, and has a useful 9/11 aftermath section which posts news and perspectives, educational packets and info on discrimination and tolerance.

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Features an extensive government affairs section, legal assistance in discrimination and civil rights cases, a media area covering recent interviews and speeches on issues affecting Arab Americans and educational materials for teachers.'s "Tolerance in the News"
Reports on the backlash against American Arabs and Muslims, explains what people can do to fight discrimination and xenophobia and challenges visitors to test their hidden bias against Arab Muslims.

ITVS Presents 9.11 Moments
Thirty-four minute-long spots created by independent filmmakers across the country examine how life has changed after September 11, explore issues of war, peace and identity, and capture heartfelt reactions to the tragedy.

This interactive Web-based project connects the experiences of antipathy, prejudice, fear and confusion felt by Japanese Americans in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor with those confronting Arab and Muslim Americans today.

Council on Foreign Relations' Terrorism Questions and Answers
A series of Q&As that attempt to explain the roots of terrorism around the world and provides causes of, responses to and policy after 9/11. Meticulously researched and sourced.

Detroit Free Press's 100 Questions and Answers about Arab Americans: A Journalist's Guide
One hundred useful answers to straightforward questions about Arab Americans, including their history, language, demographics, customs, religion and politics.

Online NewsHour Extra: Life After 9.11
An informative mini-site that brings together reports from the Lehrer News Hour, articles and feature pieces on students and lesson plans for teachers. The Arab-American Online Community Center
This site hosts film and book reviews, an events calendar, job listings and discussion forums on a range of topics from international politics to the meanings of Arabic names.

Council on American-Islamic Relations
Site includes Muslim civil rights reports, a daily email newsletter, information about Islam and online forms to report hate crimes and racial profiling incidents on airplanes.

Coping with the 9/11 Aftermath
The "Pleas for Healing with Reason after 9/11" section of contains essays, personal stories, news reports and opinion pieces for diverse perspectives on the terrorist attacks.

Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation
An excellent resource for information on the Middle East situation, this site has a collection of peace agreements, fact sheets, maps and its newsletter "Middle East Week in Review."

Stop-the-Hate Pledge
Take the pledge to stop violence and hatred against innocent Arab Americans, Muslims, Sikhs and others who have been victimized since the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The Dialogue Project
Bringing together Palestinians, Jews/Israelis and others for intense dialogue and intimate conversation in the New York City area, this project aims to promote cross-cultural understanding in communities. Middle East Sites
Links to information on the Middle East region organized by country.


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The Global Exchange Web site also has an extensive list of post 9/11 books, audio and videotapes.

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