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Conscience and the Constitution

Exclusive Interview with Mike Masaoka (transcript)

MASAOKA: We're telling the government, they have all the cards in their favor. Look, we are going to do this. We're going to work with you to the best of our ability. We'll try to do these things and in turn we want you to be as humane as possible. Let the people out of camp as soon as possible. All of that, you see.

At those times, we were trying to put out a certain face, to the government. That's what it was.

ABE: You told me in 1981 that it was a shibai [a Japanese word for "show" or "performance"].

MASAOKA: Well, it was a kind of a shibai.

ABE: What's a shibai?

MASAOKA: It was kind of...I shouldn't say it publicly, but it was. You know, actually, we were trying to...We were pretty desperate.


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