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Conscience and the Constitution
The Story

Gloria Kubota

Gloria Tsugiko Kasano was born June 6, 1916 in Santa Clara County, the third of seven children. Her father was a foreman for Jackson Nursery. She graduated from Santa Clara High School. She also attended Japanese language school, where she met and married one of her teachers, an Issei immigrant named Guntaro Kubota, and together they farmed blackberries part-time until they were expelled from their home with their one-year old daughter Grace.

When her husband joined the Fair Play Committee by translating their bulletins into Japanese and giving speeches to other Issei to help raise money for the court case, Mrs. Kubota typed some bulletins and supported the group in their fight. She gave birth to a son, Gordon, ten days before her husband's arrest on conspiracy charges.

After the camp was closed Gloria Kubota moved her family to a Wyoming boarding house run by an Issei businessman who sympathized with the resisters, and waited for her husband's release from the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas. Once a federal appeals court threw out his conviction, they moved back to Los Gatos, California before buying some land in Saratoga in 1950 and rebuilding their lives. Grace Makiko Kubota graduated magna cum laude from the University of Santa Clara in 1963, earned her law degree there in 1967, and has practiced family law in Santa Clara County ever since. Gordon Hidemaro Kubota earned a masters degree and a Ph.D. in economics at Claremont and owns GIC Research in San Diego.

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