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Conscience and the Constitution

Impact On One Wife

"Dear Frank"

This is the moment I have been waiting for these long years in silent suffering and I am deeply saddened and disappointed that I cannot share this moment with you, your friends and my fellow resisters for whom I have always had the highest respect and esteem.

I could hear my dearest wife, so beautiful in spirit, with whom I have been so fortunate to have shared 53 years -- wondrous years together -- sobbing and crying the whole night through, before my son Glen called you to tell you of our change in plans.

I had always known that she had been hurt but I never truly realized the depth of her anguish and pain she had been carrying by herself all these long, long years. Never complaining -- she has kept it from us within herself.

I do not think I can ever know the depth of the pain and suffering she had to endure. I can only guess. Living in a conformist closed Japanese society that was the camp, confined in ever-closer quarters, her husband was a non-conformist whom they considered had spearheaded the actual physical resistance to the draft.

Here she was, the wife of the hated non-conformist who is bringing disgrace and shame to our race. What a convenient target upon whom to vent our anger and rage. What courage and endurance it must have taken to survive the vicious onslaught of taunts, of barbs, of ridicule and brush offs as they attempted by whatever means to destroy her as a person.

My sons and their wives are trying ever so hard to convince her that times and conditions have changed but the pain and wounds of her experience must be deeply deeply imbedded in the very fiber of her being. Their attempts seem to be of no avail.

Thank you so much for sending me all the program material. With them, I can feel that at least in spirit, I am with you on the wonderful, wonderful long-awaited day.


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