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Enemies of War

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El Salvador

El Salvador
Lago Coatepeque, El Salvador
© Raul Barrientos

El Salvador - a Central American country approximately the size of Massachusetts - has struggled since the 16th century to maintain peace, justice and a decent standard of living for all its people. Among the mostly Spanish-speaking population, a small minority still reflects the indigenous culture of the Indian people who once thrived in the "land of the jewel."

Since the 19th century, the politics of El Salvador have been as volatile as the volcanic mountains that rise from its green forests. Dramatic changes have occurred since the signing of the Peace Accords in 1992. Although the forests have dwindled, and poverty and crime are prevalent, the brave citizens of El Salvador remain challenged but filled with hope.

Read more about El Salvador, from the Spanish conquest to pre-war conflicts through the civil war, to the struggle for justice that continues today.

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