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The  Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers's Struggle

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In order of appearance

Richard Chávez
César's brother

Rita Medina Chávez
César's sister

Jessie de la Cruz
Farmworker in Fresno, California

Bert Corona
Labor Activist

Gilbert Padilla
Organizer, UFW Treasurer

César Chávez
Organizer, UFW President

Fred Ross Jr.
UFW Organizer

Linda Chávez Rodriguez
César's daughter

Dolores Huerta
Organizer, UFW Vice President

Herman Gallegos
CSO activist

Teofilo Garcia
Farmworker in Arvin, CA

Larry Itliong
Organizer, AWOC leader, WFWOC V.P.

Pete Velasco
AWOC member, UFW Vice President

Roger Mahony
Cardinal, Los Angeles Archdiocese

Chris Hartmire
California Migrant Ministry

Marshall Ganz
Organizer, UFW Executive Board

Adelina Gurrola
Farmworker in Arvin, CA

Paul Schrade
District Director, UAW

Jerry Cohen
Chief Counsel, UFW

Al Rojas
UFW Organizer

LeRoy Chatfield
Chávez assistant

Ethel Kennedy
Widow of Robert Kennedy

Lionel Steinberg
Grape grower in Coachella, CA

Sabino Lopez
Lettuce cutter in Salinas, CA

Daryl Arnold
Lettuce cutter in Salinas, CA

Bill Grami
Director of Organizing, Western Conference of Teamsters

Jerry Brown
Governor of California

Ben Maddock
Organizer, UFW Vice President

Arturo Rodriguez
Organizer, UFW President

United Farmworkers Executive Board 1973
The UFW Executive Board in 1973 included veteran farmworker organizers and activists:
(l-r) Dolores Huerta, Mack Lyons, Richard Chavez, Cesar Chavez, Eliseo Medina,
Philip Veracruz, Gilbert Padilla, Marshall Ganz and Pete Velasco.

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