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A photo strip depicting people of different ages, ethnicities and cultures

Season 3 Program Guide

Premieres May 9, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Once a homeless drug addict, Nguyen Van Hung now dedicates his life to helping street children survive AIDS in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
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Sentenced Home
Premieres May 16, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Raised as Americans in inner-city projects near Seattle, three young Cambodian men are deported back to their homeland, caught between a tragic past and a system that doesn't offer second chances.
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China Blue
Premieres May 23, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Jasmine left her village in a remote part of China to get a job and help her family. Now she and her teenage friends at the blue jean factory are trying to survive in a brutal work environment.
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Vietnam: The Next Generation
Premieres May 30, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Today, three quarters of Vietnam’s population is under the age of 30. Too young to remember the war, yet old enough to have witnessed its aftermath, they are reaping new opportunities and reshaping their country.
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The Caviar Connection
Premieres June 6, 2010 on PBS WORLD
The Rat brothers are on a quest to find the big fish — one full of caviar that will bring easy money and allow them to leave their small village in Serbia.
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Return to the Border
Premieres June 13, 2010 on PBS WORLD
A Chinese-born filmmaker reflects on the personal implications of communism and socialism, from his memories of childhood in the border town of Dandong to his experiences in North Korea.
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Rain in a Dry Land
Premieres June 20, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Follow a year in the lives of two Somali Bantu families as they leave behind a legacy of slavery in Africa to face new challenges as Muslim immigrants in post-9/11 America.
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Premieres June 27, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Living only minutes apart in Jerusalem but locked in separate worlds, seven Palestinian and Israeli children dare to reach across the political and cultural lines that divide them.
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The Beetle
Premieres July 4, 2010 on PBS WORLD
A filmmaker’s love for his aging VW takes him on an odyssey to rehabilitate the car, despite protests from his pregnant wife that the Beetle is no longer practical.
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Motherland Afghanistan
Premieres July 11, 2010 on PBS WORLD
An Afghan American filmmaker follows her obstetrician father as he brings desperately needed medical attention to pregnant women in his native Afghanistan, where one in seven die in childbirth.
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Black Gold
Premieres July 18, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Tracing one man's fight for a fair price, Black Gold travels to Ethiopia for an eye-opening exposé of the $80 billion coffee industry.
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Premieres July 25, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Shadya Zoabi, a charismatic 17-year-old karate world champion, strives to succeed on her own terms within her traditional Muslim village in northern Israel.
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Team Qatar
Premieres August 1, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Five Middle Eastern teens from the world’s richest country are initiated into the cutthroat subculture of competitive high-school debating.
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Thunder in Guyana
Premieres August 8, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Follow the surprising career of a Chicago-born Jewish woman who journeyed to South America and became the president of Guyana in 1997.
Visiones: Latino Art and Culture
Premieres August 15, 2010 on PBS WORLD

Parts 1 and 2 August 15, 2010
Parts 3 and 4 August 22, 2010
Parts 5 and 6 August 29, 2010
Explore the richness and impact of Latino culture through the eyes of some of the most influential painters, musicians, dancers, and writers working in America today.
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Carmen Meets Borat
Premieres September 5, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Duped into portraying backward and ignorant Kazakhs in the Hollywood film Borat, a group of outraged Romanian villagers go after director Sacha Baron Cohen and 20th Century Fox.
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Maid in America
Premieres September 12, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Meet Telma, Eva, and Judith, undocumented workers who toil as cooks, housekeepers, and even surrogate mothers — often at the expense of their own families — to pursue their American dreams.
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Maquilapolis: City of Factories
Premieres September 19, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Women factory workers in Tijuana confront environmental devastation and labor violations daily. Follow their fight for change as they take on the Mexican and U.S. governments and a major TV manufacturer.
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Made in L.A.
Premieres September 26, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Three Latina immigrants working in Los Angeles sweatshops embark on a three-year odyssey to win basic labor protections from a trendy clothing retailer.
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Paper Words
Premieres October 3, 2010 on PBS WORLD
In this 3D-animated film, a bright, 5-year-old girl from China uses her imagination to cope with her new life in America. Airing with Point of Entry.
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Point of Entry
Premieres October 3, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Carlos is an illegal immigrant living in the United States. His decision to leave Mexico, his parents, and siblings weighed heavily on him, but he knew that for them to get ahead he would have to leave to America. He was 15 years old at the time. Airing with Paper Words.
My Country, My Country
Premieres October 10, 2010 on PBS WORLD
With its behind-the-scenes story of the January 2005 national elections in Iraq, this provocative documentary is a testament to the courage of those willing to put their lives on the line for the promise of democracy.
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The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia
Premieres October 17, 2010 on PBS WORLD
Two elderly masters of Armenian tightrope dancing search for an understudy to carry on a dying tradition.
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A Story of People in War and Peace
Premieres October 24, 2010 on PBS WORLD
The Karabakh War (1989-1994) displaced nearly one million people and heralded the Soviet Union's collapse. Twelve years later, a journalist and former P.O.W. returns to the region in search of answers and lessons for peace.
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Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela
Premieres October 31, 2010 on PBS WORLD
A filmmaker explores the life and death of the man who raised him, facing stark questions about South African history, the anti-apartheid movement, and his own identity.
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