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A photo strip depicting people of different ages, ethnicities and cultures

Season One Program Guide

A young circus performer, a Chinese boy in brightly colored leotard, stands with his arms outstretched, his face serious, looking up CIRCUS SCHOOL
Premieres March 30, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Take a rare look into one of China's most treasured commodities—acrobatics. CIRCUS SCHOOL reveals the rigorous physical training students must endure as they prepare for a national competition.
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Black and white photo of a young Sudanese boy, his thin arms balance a large package on his head, his face sad LOST BOYS OF SUDAN
Premieres April 6, 2008 on PBS WORLD
After a decade in a Kenyan refugee camp, two young refugees of Sudan's civil war come to the United States, confronted with the abundance and alienation of contemporary America.
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A male kungfu fighter stands with one hand outstretched and the other held up in front of his chest, as if poised for attack SHAOLIN ULYSSES: Kungfu Monks in America
Premieres April 13, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Armed with the celebrated Shaolin training of body and mind made popular in kungfu movies, five Zen Buddhist monks set out to make new lives teaching their craft in unlikely parts of America.
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Close-up of a large sumo wrestler, his eyes looking downward SUMO EAST AND WEST
Premieres April 20, 2008 on PBS WORLD
One of Japan's most time-honored and insular traditions, sumo wrestling offers an earthshaking window into the cultural collision of East and West, as worldwide interest grows and increasing numbers of foreigners rise to the top professional ranks.
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Close-up of an Asian man eating a bowl of soup, slurping noodles, chopstick in hand ANATOMY OF A SPRINGROLL
Premieres April 27, 2008 on PBS WORLD
From San Francisco's outdoor food markets to the back streets of Saigon, one man searches for the secret ingredient to blend the traditions of his youth with his adopted American life.
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Close-up of two young boys, one Jewish and one Arab, looking intently into the camera BRIDGE OVER THE WADI
Premieres May 4, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Follow a group of children whose Arab and Jewish parents establish Israel’s first bi-national, bi-lingual grade school in the Wadi Ara village.
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Close-up of a woman lying down with acupuncture needles sticking out of her face THE DEVIL NEVER SLEEPS
Premieres May 11, 2008 on PBS WORLD
In this "whodunit" documentary about family secrets, filmmaker Lourdes Portillo travels to Mexico to learn the truth about her wealthy uncle's death.
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A soft focus image of a young Indian girl wearing a high collared dress, hair pulled back with a white bead necklace and earrings; she looks off to the side, a sad look on her face THE DAY MY GOD DIED
Premieres May 18, 2008 on PBS WORLD
An examination of the growing plague of sex slavery, THE DAY MY GOD DIED weaves footage from Bombay brothels with stories of young girls whose lives have been shattered by the child sex trade.
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Chinese Cultural Revolution poster depicting a heroic muscular worker holding a red book in one hand and a pen in the other MORNING SUN
Premieres May 25, 2008 on PBS WORLD
An in depth look at China's Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), MORNING SUN explores the historical and ethical implications of this violent and dramatic era.
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Close-up of a young Zambian boy wearing a blue t-shirt; behind him are other boys sitting at desks in a classroom T-SHIRT TRAVELS
Premieres June 1, 2008 on PBS WORLD
This eye-opening documentary traces how secondhand clothing donated as charity in the western world, eventually lands in Zambia, Africa, and how the communities that trade and resell these clothes remain in poverty.
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Close-up of a serious-looking middle-aged Russian man wearing a suit and tie, on his lapel he wears a cross-shaped pin and a round button FOR GOD, TSAR AND FATHERLAND
Premieres June 8, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Russian nationalism percolates in a castle outside Moscow, where Mikhail Morozov—who longs for a return to the glory days of Old Russia—rules autonomously over young initiates, laying the groundwork for a rapidly growing right-wing movement.
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Close-up of two Cambodian men, one young, one older, looking to the side, smiling slightly, the older man rests his arm over the younger man’s shoulder REFUGEE
Premieres June 15, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Three young Cambodian American men return to the land of their roots wielding video cameras to document their experience of meeting fathers, sisters and brothers for the first time.
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Premieres June 22, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Ten years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, AFTER THE FALL searches for traces of this monolith within the people who lived in its shadow.
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Premieres June 29, 2008 on PBS WORLD
In the heart of China engineers are constructing the world's largest dam across the legendary Yangtze River. Critics fear the dam will be a social and environmental disaster.
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Premieres July 6, 2008 on PBS WORLD
A young mother living in Iowa discovers she is a survivor of one of the most egregious massacres in Guatemala's 36-year civil war, forcing her to confront her identity and the truth about her past.
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Premieres July 13, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Enlisting his four reluctant siblings, an Israeli filmmaker goes looking for a missing person from their past, uncovering a secret that changes their family forever.
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Premieres July 20, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Through the eyes of children, ABC COLOMBIA explores the realities that nurture and perpetuate violence in a rural community controlled by paramilitary forces.
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Premieres July 27, 2008 on PBS WORLD
A Vietnamese mother and her Amerasian daughter are joyously reunited after 22 years, but their illusions are quickly shattered when the reality of cultural differences and years of separation sets in.
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GREENER GRASS: Cuba, Baseball and the United States
Premieres August 3, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Set against the backdrop of the choppy history of U.S.-Cuban relations, GREENER GRASS documents how baseball has operated as both bridge and barrier between the two lands.
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Premieres August 10, 2008 on PBS WORLD
A LION'S TRAIL celebrates the timeless power of Africa's most famous song, "Mbube" — inspiration for the pop classic "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" — written by an illiterate Zulu musician who barely received pennies for his efforts.
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Premieres August 17, 2008 on PBS WORLD
After surviving Cambodia's Killing Fields as a boy musician who entertained his captors, Arn Chorn Pond strives to heal the deep scars of his past by reviving Cambodia's traditional music.
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Premieres August 24, 2008 on PBS WORLD
A polite Italian travel agent and an authoritarian Moroccan immigrant, two very different men from two different cultures, try to manage a diverse group of people traveling from Italy to Morocco.
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Premieres August 31, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Before leaving America for Tanzania, where he has lived in exile for over 30 years and struggled to reconcile his past with his future, Pete O'Neal founded the Kansas City chapter of the Black Panthers.
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FATHER ROY: Inside the School of Assassins
Premieres September 7, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Torture training at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security and Cooperation (formerly the U.S. Army School of the Americas) and the extraordinary life of Father Roy Bourgeois, the daring activist leading the campaign to close down the School.
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Premieres September 14, 2008 on PBS WORLD
When a spunky, mini-skirted daughter of Ho Chi Minh's revolution leaves cosmopolitan Hanoi for a high school exchange program in rural Mississippi, her ideas about freedom, America, Vietnam and herself are thrown into question.
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Premieres September 21, 2008 on PBS WORLD
Clips, interviews, home movies and more reveal how the former first lady of the Philippines courted, coddled, used and abused power for nearly four decades.
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