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Great Wall Across the Yangtze

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Home videos of GREAT WALL ACROSS THE YANGTZE RIVER are available for online purchase from ShopPBS. Educational videotapes are available for purchase by schools, libraries and other educational institutions online through PBS Video. Or call 1-800-328-7271.



China Daily
An online news site devoted to China and presented in English. Covers national and international news, business, sports, culture and weather.

National Committee on U.S.-China Relations
The National Committee is a nonprofit educational organization that encourages understanding of China and the United States between citizens of both countries. Site provides information about their exchange programs, publications and outside resources.

People's Daily
An online version of the Chinese newspaper presented in English. In addition to world and China news, site includes opinion, science and education and lifestyle sections, a message board and photo gallery.

Three Gorges Dam Earthstory
This May 1998 headline reads: "As Yangtze River dam rises, questions arise." Article outlines the issues of the Three Gorges Dam and includes an audio clip from antidam activist Dai Qing, a contributor to the GREAT WALL ACROSS THE YANGTZE documentary. Visions of China
This article on the Three Gorges Dam includes a brief video showing construction on the dam project.

Human Rights in China
This page features articles from the China Rights Forum magazine and links devoted to information on the Three Gorges project and China and environmental topics.

International Rivers Network (IRN)
A site with a map, articles and information about the IRN's campaign against the Three Gorges project. Highlights include articles by journalist/activist Dai Qing and hydrologist and IRN founder Philip Williams both featured in the GREAT WALL documentary.

Probe International
Probe International's site devoted to the Three Gorges Project, includes the history of the project, the parties involved throughout the years and photos of the region.

Three Gorges Action Coalition
This site is dedicated to stopping the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. It presents a list of financiers of the project and ways for individuals to take action, including petitions, boycotts and letter-writing campaigns.

Three Gorges Photo Essay
A traveler's photographic journal of the Three Gorges Area.

Washington Post "The Yangtze Dam: Feat or Folly"
This 1997 article from the Washington Post examines the controversy surrounding the Three Gorges Dam and the history of the project.


"Baiji: The Yangzi River Dolphin"
An article about the Baiji dolphin from the International Rivers Network.

Scientific descriptions and photos of the Finless Porpoise and the Baiji Dolphin are featured on this searchable site about whales, dolphins and porpoises.

International Fund for China's Environment
IFCE is a nonprofit organization established by scientists and professionals to help ensure the protection of the world's environment by providing assistance to aid China in resolving its environmental problems.

Beijing Institute of High Energy Physics pro-dam article
Entitled "Dam Will Not Harm Eco-Environment," the Beijing Institute of High Energy Physics' article argues that the dam will not be harmful to the environment.

"Protection of the Ecological Environment and Biodiversity"
An article on what the Chinese Government has been doing to protect the environment.

SharkFriends Dolphin and Porpoise Page
Website devoted to sharks and their friends, features photos and descriptions of the Finless Porpoise and the Baiji Dolphin.

The Siberian Crane
The International Crane Foundation's page on the endangered Siberian Crane.

Siberian Crane Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan
The Northern Prairie Science Center provides a thorough chapter on the "critically endangered" Siberian Crane's present and future.


Damming the Three Gorges - What Dam Builders Don't Want You to Know compiled by Margaret Barber and Grinne Ryder (Earthscan Publications Ltd. 1993)

"The Fate of the Three Gorges Archaeology and Art," by Elizabeth Childs-Johnson, PhD, Asian Art Newspaper, April 1999, 3.

"Race Against Time" and "A Compendium of Endangered Sites," by Elizabeth Childs-Johnson, PhD, Archaeology, Nov/Dec 1996, 38-45.

The River Dragon Has Come! by Dai Qing (M.E. Sharpe, Inc., 2000)

Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams by Patrick McCully (Zed Books, 1996)

"The Three Gorges Dam and the Fate of China's Southern Heritage," by Elizabeth Childs-Johnson, PhD, Orientations (Hong Kong) July/August 1996, 55-61.

Yangtze! Yangtze! by Dai Qing (Earthscan Publications Ltd. 1994)

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