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Great Wall Across the Yangtze

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My 9th grade class has also been learning about the three gorges dam and I have to say that it is dissapointing that a nation could make a decision that will endanger a dolphin species, give cancer to neighboring villages(through the waste treatment plants), destroy historical artifact, and the list just goes on and on. Maybe China needs to re-think what they are doing. From what I have read. China is paying a heavy price to have more power and more money.


The situation and ramifications of Three Rivers Dam are certainly huge, and based on my understanding, it was a horrible decision for many reasons, but that is not why I am posting. I am posting because I simply can not BELIEVE the deplorable quality of the comments of contributors to this thread. This is a PBS website. I am thrilled that people are watching, and feel compelled to join in the discussion, however when I see comments written with no regard for legibility, spelling, grammar or syntax, I have to wonder how we are ever going to recoup our level of literacy. No Child Left Behind? Well, this is what you get when our national figurehead is a President who cant deliver a complete sentence. Tragic.

San Jose, CA

After watching the program last night, I felt the discussion showed in the film was way out of date. It should be aired before 1997, when the project started, to persuade the US banks not to finance the project. Now it lost most of the ground to point the fingers to the Chinese government.

In 2008, the dam will be done next year. Many problems such as the relocation of people and historical sites that associated with this project are solved or being solved. The impacts on the environment and the benefit of this dam have to be monitored for the next 20 years at least to make a conclusion.

This film did show opinions from both sides, even though with obvious bias. The footage used in the film such as the trackers on river only showed the transportation benefit of this dam and the nostalgia of a religious worker's offspring, who wanted to keep some exotic memory.

The footage of the 1930's dam building in US to imply the quest of modernization was awkward too. Do not know if the film wanted to embarrass the US or the Chinese. Hope the documentory will have some follow- up after the dam is done. Not just another political propaganda under environmental cover. More environmental advice would be helpful to everybody because it did "pass the point of no return" on this issue as said in the film.


As a lover of history I think that the three gorges dam is a bad idea. Spending over $30 billion just to lose years of natural history? NOT A WISE


My 6th grade class is doing a project on the Three Gorges Dam, and whether you think it's a good idea or a bad idea. I personally think the whole idea is terrible. It's astonishing that grown adults could have thought of such an idea! It's costing 30 million dollars to make at least...and that money is not going to the needy? Animals and archeoligical site will be gone, and people have to leave their homes! Not a good idea China!!!!!!!!

Chicago, Illinois

I think this website is very helpful to all people who like articles. I AM AGAINST THE THREE GORGES DAM AND I THINK THEY SHOULD STOP BUILDING IT! It will harm the poor Baiji dolphins! And all the ppl near the river will have to evacuate their homes.


I'M STRONGLY AGAINST THE THREE GORGES DAM BEING BUILT IN THE YANGTZE RIVER! First of all it is a huge wast of money and is a very stupid desition on the Chinas part. Were they are building the dam is part of China that is very pron to earth quakes as a result many people may DIE!!!!!!! This is Sylvia relish I am 11 years old and I feel strongly about the dam over the yangtze river.

Colorado Springs, Co

I have been readin a great deal for the past 6 months about the changes and good that will occur from this Dam being built. All facts considered the cons way number the pros. HAs anyone bothered to take the time to ask where are all of these people being relocated to? Alot of these families are being relocated to one of the most remotest, dryest, unfertile lands in all of china. Another thing you have to consider,(if you know anything about chinese culture you would know these next facts) CHinese CItezens (not matter the province) are required to apply for a residency permit to be allowed to live in a ciy or town. You cannot get a home/apartment or a a job unless the government gives you a residency permit for that area. So heres a problem if the governement is taking a very large group of people and relocating them from a 1,000 year lifestyle of wet, humid, fertile land to the dryest and least fertile land in all of china. The real question is how do these people survive? The government is trying to force another case of the Red Soil Farms. THe Red SOil Farms was a land that could produce no crops and had very little available. They gave new resident permits to a group of peole and told them to make the land fertile. Such a futile attempt and naturally it failed. Imagine if you and your family lived in a certain place and had a certain trade for 1,000's of years and someone came along and said you have to relocate. To Lin's comment below I hope that you understand that just because other people before us have been irresponsible with nature and the scientific changes that have occured does not mean that we have to just settle that its the only way things can change. Yes true this earth is a survival for the fittest. The fact of the matter is that this dam has been thought about since 1919 nothing about this is survival of the fittest. This was a Strategically planned component to literally change the face of China. I am hoping that the world knows by now that china is bigger than any country in the world so when they change, changes occur for everyone. Just remember that.


The dam is a great idea and a horrible one. The environment is directly impacted by China's decisions and it may be destroyed. Although, global warming is destroying about as much as the dam is. China is a huge country and produces a lot of the world's pollution. The dam could reduce the amount of pollution that China puts into the air. This decision is a tough one to make.


Somewhere, Sometown This is the worst idea China has ever made. So what if it will block the river from flodding into the rest of china, its happened before and people got thru it tehy can go thru it agaiin. Plus What ever we we havent found out about the ancient Ba people will be underwater. All this Beautiful secnery will be gone,and all the poor inasecnt ENDANGERED species will be all gone because of this. I will reapeat this againTHIS IS THE WORST IDEA CHINA HAS EVR MADE!!!!! I am only 15 and i feel very strongly about this and i am ABOSOLUTLY against it!!!!!!

Springfield, OR

I find the cause very disturbing and alarming. The after effects of the Dam along with all the material it's taking to build it are not worth the damage not only to China's environment, but the environment all around it. When one species is endangered or extinct it has a huge impact on other species which it fed on, or that fed on it. It becomes a snowball effect of growing problems not only to the species which is lost, but for all of the species in the web that depended on it. And that can grow far beyond the immediate area of China and the Yangtze river. On top of the threat to species dependant of the natural river setting, their is going to be a massive negative impact of displacing so many people. Imagine, suddenly 10's of thousands of people flooding your city, expanding it's borders and having to further develop the land to accomidate them and the tension and sadness involved for many years. That is going to cause a lot of problems. In addition to these problems there is the problem of contamination which then spreads in the ground water supply, and mixes with other systems and eventually distributes the pollution and contamination throughout the land and sea. Sure, there is money to be made and a big source of energy for China to be able to use to gain power and strength in the economy, but eventually my friends, it will bite them and many more throughout the world in the butt when the environmental impact far outweighs their growth. No matter what their is going to be damage to our planet because it is not meant to accomidate 6 billion greedy people who don't give a hoot about the planet. If I had a say in America's development a long time ago when we built big dams I would oppose, but I couldn't as I wasn't alive then. But I do oppose further developing now that I can and I do so because a materialistic lifestyle is not necessary. I say stop the insanity, live in peace, and save the planet for your children and all life! It is sad what's taking place in building the dam and I feel for so many people losing their home, way of life, and their cultural past to a greedy governmental giant who stops at nothing and sacrifices their own people for power and prestige. Sick! Sad! And Stupid! It goes for all the world with how I feel, but my feelings don't matter to most. I just hope one person changes their thinking like I have in the past and sees that we have an awesome planet and the diversity of life on it is amazing! This dam is going to hurt us all eventually just like many dams in the world which contribute to disaster looming in the air. The dams are a big factor in the world's demise but so is much more than that like overconsumption, excess carbon in the air, and pollution. Final words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink your ways! :)


The Three Gorges Dam is build on a major fault line. Earthquakes are prone to the area. Did the government know about this? If an tremble occurs on the fault. The whole dam could collaspe, flooding nearbly areas. Didn't a break occur in 2000? As for the animals, if the government can't get the dolphin mate, the baiji dolpin will be extinct forever. The class I showed this to was sickened by the amount of junk in the river. People drink from the river! It is a sad cause.

Tom Lin
Flushing, NY

This dam has many pros and cons. Firstly, it will produce a massive amount of energy. This energy will be so plentiful that some coal- or oil-burning plants could even stop functioning. Secondly, people must realize that this dam does not dam the entire river, nor does it fill the entire river. A section of the river will indeed rise in water level, and its ecological impacts will be rather large. And thirdly, do not we dam up rivers too? The Hoover dam blocked the Colorado River from proceeding naturally through the Grand Canyon. This caused unusual drought downstream and unusually high rainfal upstream. The Bay of Fundy tidal dam stopped many rare birds from picking up food and sediment after the tide receded, because after the dam was built, the tide couldn't recede. Furthermore, the Earth loses eleven species every day. This rate has more or less been the same throughout the history of the earth. Humans develop a more emotional bond with animals kept in captivity. Would anyone care if the near-extinct red-spotted Swann beetle went extinct tomorrow? No, because nobody has ever heard of it. With the Earth's potential for prosperity and evolutional branches factored in, QiQi, sadly, is not more than a smudge across the windshield of Mother Nature. The Earth is truly survival of the fittest, and some things have been fit enough to survive the millions of years. Cultures have been living in obscure sections of the rain forests for thousands of years, and every so often an errant archaeologist stumbles across one. He proclaims that culture and its objects priceless. It is the same thing with the Ba people. Perhaps, after the dam is completed and the site flooded, someone will uncover another culture further downstream. Perhaps it will be a subsidy of the Ba. The point that I have been trying to communicate throughout this piece is that the Earth simply has too many treasures to offer. And the treasures in the Yangtze River are simply some of them. Many may disagree wi th me. But that is your opinion. I hope to turn some minds with this. Thank you for reading.

Jim Andrews
North Plains, OR

The people building the dam don't care if it works or not. FOLLOW THE MONEY. You need a big project to get big kickbacks. The costs have skyrocketed - mostly due to bribes and corruption.50 years from now it may silt up and overflow. Not sure how you build up-stream ports with the dam level changing 100' during the year. Earthquakes? Pollution? Problems down stream from lack of silt? Construction quality? Unexpected cracks are already showing up. (I hope they were unexpected.) The cost in human life it it does fail? With billions of dollars available to fill greedy pockets it is not hard to find "experts" to tell the world not to worry about any of these problems. With a one of a kind project I am not sure what they are using to support their opinions.

San Antonio

I have a problem with the dam in that is may be tilting the earth a bit on its axis. I believe this is happening now. This would explain all the different weather patterns this is affecting. For instance, I live in Texas where normally the temperature is 95 degrees during July. We have had one day at 95 degrees. It is normally dry during this time of year, yet we are 14 inches of rain above normal. I am not complaining, I like it, but there are now areas that were used to having water and cool air that are now hot and dry.


future=cracks are going to appear, the dams gonna break, and its going to waste a few million dollars.adding to that, people will die and that waters going to be just,eeeeeew polluted>.<


I think if the wall is made to help the civilians then it should happen. If the wall erupts the life of them then they should not make it.

Watkins Glen, NY

I think this shouldn't have been built because they are setting their selves up for a major disaster becuase some of their species would end up being extinct and who in the hell would dump their suage eww

Chris B
cape elizabeth ME

There are some pros to this dam, the energy produced by it s HUGE!! But when you compare those few pros to the many many many many many many cons, its easy to see how ridiculous it really is. millions of people relocated, animals killed, possible collaps. its plain stupid. china acted before it thought, and its gonna cost them.

Cape Elizabeth, ME

I feel that the dam is a bad idea, because people will have to move, and what about the people who can't move? And what about the finless porpise or the species of dolphin? I just think it is unfair for them and all the other people who had to move. Imagine if the dam broke. What would China be like then? A lot of people would drown, and plant and animal life will die, not to mention that 21 billion dollars went down the drain.


look you all have great points, the real question is this: is global warming happening. and if you said 'no' look around!!!! it's not just because of humans, it's natural too!!! so all you scientists saying 'theres nothing to worry about' you're wrong, and all you scientiests saying ' we are so dead!!!! the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!' chill out. ps. sicentists sorry about the sky falling thing. just had to get my point accross.

Cape, Elizabeth ME

I think that the dam is a great idea because in the longrun it wont effect the enviroment as much as fossil fuels do. Also the generator has a capasity of 18,200 MW!!!!!! that is A LOT of energy.

Cape, Elizabeth ME

Wow, the dam is such a bad idea, who would spend 15 billion dollars on something that supposevly will never break. But it probably will. Think of the titanic, the titanic was "unbreakable" but it broke the first time it went out. The dam will probably break. It will also kill of endangered species. Like, for example, QiQi, Chinas only freshwater dolphins will probably die. And, 3,000,000 people will have to move. Oh my god! I can't believe China would do something like this.


I think the dam is bad idea. Event though it offers a reduction in global warming, and will control some of the rivers floods, the environmental effect it will later have is too dangerous to be accepted. There is a very high possibility that the dam will not work in the end, but the environment will still be destroyed. I think this issue should be mad more aware of. I only found out about this through a biology project that I had to undertake. After all the research and the comparison of the pros and cons of the project, it is obvious that the risks are too high. What is the point in Œsaving‚ our environment by reducing pollution, when you‚re destroying it by creating this dam? The ecological problems that the Chinese government will face once the dam is finished are enormous. I read some of the comment people wrote, about how it is just relocation of the inhabitants, but it is so much more. Our world is build like a domino. Every piece depends on the stability of another, an d when one is tipped over it has an effect on the piece next to it, till all the pieces are turned up side down. By bringing the extinction of one animal, you bring the extinction of another who fed on that animal, and so forth. The destruction of agricultural land caused by the dam will have a huge effect on the economy, and the imports and exports of China. I‚m shocked by the irresponsibility the Chinese government is showing and appalled by how this matter is of such low key, that no one in my school was even aware of this situation. I think the building of the dam should stop now, before too much damage is caused, and nothing can be done to repair the destroyed habitat, and the Yangtze River.

Amber Keyle
Sudberry, Massachusetts

Our class is doing a debate if the Three Gorges Dam is turning out to be good or bad. So far my research has pointed to bad. I have been alarmed at some of the accusations against this dam. Since I have to pick a side, I would say bad. This dam will: wipe out rare species of animals, put waste in the lake, fishing will be reduced, 1.3 million people will have to move, when the water is lowered, the submerged parts that is not submerged any more, will cause a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies, parasites, and more. I could go on and on about the dangers. But there is some good to this. It will reduce global warming, and give electricity to millions of people, and stop the flood of the Yangtze River. But, this dam will generate earthquakes and landslides. I even heard that the dam will be so big it will tip the Earth's axis, and the days will be longer! If these horrible things happen, China will be in total loss of what to do. It's better to stop now, and save millions of lives, and property.


This is a great project for generating green power without emission. A good example to help to reduce the global warming which can save millions of life and property. For the benefit of the local residents, they do not need to live at a place which suffer from flooding and poverty any longer. It could be more meaningful for the world to pay more attention to the relocated people to ensure that they indeed have a better life. A typical example in Borneo that the relocate residents do not make use of the compensation properly in starting a new life, soon they find they are out of money and have to face the reality of life. Even though, comparing with life in the past, it is a better which they can enjoy electricity, water supply and road access. The reduction of flood from once in every ten years to hundred years will save a lot of life and property downstream the Yangtze For the lost of culture heritage, I am in doubt if the people prefer to live with their old life heritage without looking for improvement. The improvement of navigation will help the people of the Yangtze to have a better future.

K Fisher

Why is it the western world and particularly the USA doesn't like the thought of the eastern world matching, or even exceeding it, through technology or by any other means? The USA needs to put it's own house in order before it bleats about other countries attempts to improve their lot.

Developing countries are constantly trying to innovate themselves to compete against the industrial states like the U.S. regardless of the costs. The engagement in modern technology and industrial society always has its price. The development of the three gorges dam is a significant project that will make history, but at the same time at the price of destroying the history, culture and civilization of those who live in that area. From an economics point of view, the new infrastructure is an emergence of wealth and prospect for China, however to habitants, it is a nightmare. It is a debatable subject, hence the prolonged battle between the Chinese government and its citizens. Unfortunately, many people forget the importance of heritage and only focus of nationalism and pride and what makes people rich, thus in the end, politics usually overthrows nature.

Building the dam is a great idea. Ok it may mean moving people and destroying sum pidgeons, but everyone in the world will die if global warming gets any worse anyway. I think that any method of renewable energy is excellent. This will be hard, because society has grown using non renewable energy and has worked around it, but now we need to make changes, and China are making a damn good effort.
Jesse G.

The Three Gorges Damn, despite its numerous benefits, is a serious hinderance to the global environment. The Damn is said to be so massive that it will tilt the axis of the earth and extend the length of the day. In addition to the countless acres of fertile and picturesque valley being lost in China The damn will only prove to further promote consumption and destroy the national environment. There are alternate energy sources, and the Three Gorges damn is by far the most enviornmentally malicious.
Amber M.

Maura M

This project on one hand, seems as though it could be very beneficial to the economy of China yet at the same time destroy it. This massive project is destroying hundreds of homes and archealogical treasures that that region of China is host to. i can understand the government's desire to become more independent of foreign countries for oil, but is that really worth displacing millions of people and destroying a naturally beautiful area? I don't think so.
Greg H.

I think the dam should most deffinately be built. Even though many people will have to move. Down the line it will actually help the environment.
Anna G.

I think that this project is a good idea because it will be beneficial in the long run. Since this place is very polluted, the energy will be greatly used. Even though people will lose their houses the government will place them somewhere else. Plus people that lived by the river would often be flooded and even die, but the dams will help prevent the loss of peoples lives.

In my opinion i think that you shoduln't build the damn because you would be destroying alot of homes of not so fortunate people.Also, it may hurt the wildlife around the river, and maybe scare away needed wildlife that the people eat.

Yes and no. Yes because they can use more energy and it will help pollution. No because there will be massive flooding, and running people out of their homes, and they have dowhere to go.
Jeffrey S.

I think that while the building of the dam may be a good idea in a short term sense but like all dams there is a chance of brealage and a great flood also the long term effects on the enviorment will create a backlash that could have truelly negative effects on the economy and the agraculture.
Emily C.

I do agree with the Three Gorges Project. This is because of the great amount of power and natural resources the project has to offer. The project will also help control floods which will contribute to China's life dramatically. However I do agree that the government should help out the people who live along the river side whose houses would be destroyed because of this project.
Maura P.

I agree with both sides in different ways. If the dam is built, you gain natural resources. You also recieve clean air, which makes life healthier. I agree with the people that reside there also though. They will lose everything they have ever known. I know I would not want to move if I grew up in a house.
Rachel M.

Well... I think that the dam is a good idea in some ways, but it's the fact that it's on people's property and they're taking their homes away and forcing them to move away from where they have grew up. Since the project, I believe has already started, that there is nothing that you can do to give these people back their homes unless you give them money to rebuild or buy.

But I don't live there.
Candice F

I believe the damn could be a benefit and a take back. I agree with others in how they say that your losing the cultural histroy. However you're also gaining ways to save money and use the natural resources!
Kenny M
Pittsburgh, PA

I think that the dam should built. It will really help the environment and although it will displace a lot of people sometimes the ends justify the means.

I think the dam is amazing. It has made 1000 poeple move. Matt likes the dam too. He thinks it is a great enviromentally safe alternative way of creating electricity for the world. He also thinks flooding land and making tons of endangered animals exinstint is a great thing too. 11/15/06

I think that people should respect the dam but alot of people have to move appx. 1000 people moved homes because of it. Some animals will die!
Jose M. T.

I looked for information about great feats of ingeneering and I found your fantastic site. Without any knowledge of the situation of people, I only can valorate the dam like a fantastic civil construction
De Leon Springs, FL

Criticise all you want, the dam is finished. Yes, China is communist, get over it. Read the history of the Yangtze river and you'll understand. Whatever happens, will happen, and whatever won't , won't. I get the impression that Americans hate all things Chinese, even the Chinese themselves (again read your American history), except the food, of course. I guess Americans fear for the first time that another country/race will surpass them.

For those of you who are worried about the dam, I suggest that you should check out this site:
Nik Pittioni
Sherwood, Oregon

I visited China as part of a school group in the summer of 2005. We got to see the huge Three Gorges Dam, as well as other amazing sites. The government is paying for the new houses and giving farmers money to buy them. However, the apartments cost 15,000 yuan, and at most, the Chinese are only giving farmers 10,000. Every official we asked gave us a different figure for how much money they were giving the poor. It ranged from 2,000 to 10,000 yuan. The farmers living there are extremely poor and will not have more that one thousand yuan saved. The dam will bring China to the modern age, but send some of its people back to extreme poverty. Also, while I was watching a news channel in China, the reporter on screen said they were going to have an interview with a woman displaced by the dam. As soon as the reporter asked what the woman thought of her displacement, the screen blacked out. It resumed again just as the reporter was saying good-bye. The Chinese government is screwing over the poor, and censoring their opinions so we will only see the happy, ecomonic China. The world needs to keep a closer watch on humanitarian rights in China.
C Liu

Reading through the posts, it is very clear to me the dividing lines of opinions for those who live outside of US vs. who live in the US.
I am really worried for the educational system in the US that paints such negative images of Three Gorges Dam project. If one has never traveled there, talked to people, asked questions, feel the pains or happiness, how can one judge the other country?
Frankly, even as a Chinese, I have never traveled there. I hope I will do it next year to see the real story about this project. But the truth is that I have frequently back to China. I saw the environment impacts of industralization. I saw that while China as a factory to the world, how much pollution it took to supply the world with cheap shirt, cheap merchadize in the Walmart, cheap electronics in the Best Buy and cheap shoes we wear every day.
While producing those cheap products, they need energy, vast amount of energy. Coal being one of them, it created such polluted air that not only affects Chinese, it affects the entire world. In that regard alone, building the dam is a necessity.
So for those students who sit in the clean classroom, enjoy cool air from oil produced air conditioner, wear cheap Chinese shoes, pants and shirts, think again. Think the pollution that produced by burning coal, think people there suffered without clean air and water, think what will be like if China produce all their energies from coal and cutting all trees for the heating and cooking.
Melbourne, FL

This dam is just what the good Lord ordered, He always uses the hand of man to fill His Word. The greatest earthquake ever know in the history of mankind is in the making. Coming soon, read all about it in the Good Book.

that this dam is killing poor little animals and people have to move out of their homes!!!

I think it is unfair that people have to move from their homes and animals are in danger.

I think it is unfair that people have to move from their homes and animals are in danger.
Kristin Zink
Columbus, Oh

I think The Three Gorges Dam is a good idea because it will give China more electricity for less money. But, on the other hand it is also a bad ides because people will lose their homes and the animals will also lose their habitats. We have a Dam here in Ohio and I like going there but, I know that the Dam in China would be even cooler than the one here in Ohio because it is the largest Dam in the world.

I don't think that they should build the dam because it makes people find more homes and animals' habitats will be destoryed. The only way it would be fair, is if the people who are creating this dam pay for a new home for the people who have to move and make sure that the animals are put in a habitat much like the one they had just lived in.

I think that the Gorges Dam is a good idea but you should think of the Animals habiitats and other peoples homes and the posibility that your country could be distroyed.But you should have electricity but think of what you could do if it collape or floods the land

I think that the idea of the Three Gorges Dam is not a very good idea because it is having to mak e people move from the houses that they grew up in and raised their kids in and stuff!!! Also, it is a very big threat to the animals and wildlife of China by backing up all the sewage and pollution of the river!! It is just a plain BAD IDEA!!!

I think that the Gorges dam is not a very go idea because it is destoring amilnamls habitas and it is fources people to move away from there homes.

i think they should build it b/c it helps people sleep at night to know that they are safe and wont be washed away at night.

I think you should not build the dam because people have to find new homes. I mean think about some of the animals that will be endangered or even be extinct.
Pikeville, Kenyucky

I think that you should take good care of the Dolphins.

you should not biuld the dam because it will make people move.

I thank that its sad about the dolphans how they are endangered . Me and my friend paige loves dolphans axually we love all animals! even reptiles.

It should not be built think of the wildlife that may not survive. Fishing might be reduced. The rocks will clog the genorators and fill the lake behind it.Farmland upstream from the dam will be under water. There will be bad crops below the dam and many people will not be able to make a living. The good parts are it is a aource of energy, And transportation. And it will reduce yearly flooding much worse can happen if it is built.
bigfork mn

I think that the dam should be built. You have to look at the out come of what it will do to people. If that dam is built it will cause so many incidents. It wil up set the balance of fishing, fish spawning, and other major events that are very inportant to our economy. I THINK THAT THESE PEOPLE SHOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER WHAT THE OUT COMES WILL BE FOR PEOPLE BEFORE AD AFTER IT IS BUILT. IF THIS DAM SHOULD EVER COLLAPSE IT WILL KILL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. SO THINK ABOUT THAT

My prediction:
The Three Gorges Dam will eventually fail. It is believed that the mass of the new lake will cause tremendous pressure on the underlying fault line causing earth quakes.
I believe an earth quake will strike and the following tsunami will destroy the dam. The resulting tidal wave of the dam failure will cause catastrophic damage the world has never seen. It will destroy China's economy, thus eliminating demand on crud oil and lowering gas prices. Mother nature will always trump man. You cant actually believe that a project that will change the axis of rotation of the earth will go un-answered my mother nature.
I got $10 bucks on it!
People say i'm a pessimist

I think this is a great idea china is growing and needs energy to live so what if a few towns get destroyed its for the greater good of China!
Okanogan Washington

This project will take up about 20% of chinas farmland and will destroy major historical sites important to the whole world, not just China.

i think that the three gorges dam is a bad idea because a lot of people will become homeless and they will have no where to live also it will make them even more poor than they are it will also make the air stink.
Miami, Florida

i think that the three gorges dam is a great idea they should keep building it. it will bring a lot of people to china which they need
Portland, Oregon
I think that it is a very negative thing. It will destroy people's home in which they may have been living for many years.
Norfolk, England

Firstly I don't see how anyone can state it is definitely a negative or positive thing to happen to China. There are points to both sides. I think it is a great shame historical sites and many peoples homes will be destroyed, however, isn't saving millions of lives and helping the enviroment more important?! There are bad points, but the extent of the good has to outweigh the bad. Animals will move, ok some may die but its in a good cause which will hopefully benefit generations to come. In addition, perhaps China should have thought about sewage wastes and how to deal with it better in case the dam collapsed. One major worry could be a war. If the dam was hit with a bomb then millions of lives could be again in danger. Although, even with these issues the dam must be a good thing as it has such great benefits to the enviroment and to the people.
Woodburn Oreagon

I don't think that they should build the dam because a lot of animals could go into extinction and that wouldn't be very good. Even though it would be the biggest in the world and would give off the most energy before they do that they should let people have more childern so that their population can get bigger. The U.S has more people and its smaller than China.
Keath Vickery
Beijing, China

I am in a Geography class right now studying the 3 gorges dam project and I am completely for it. First of all, the pollution in Beijing and all of China is completely unacceptable. From the pollution just in itself can most likely kill the ozone and ruin it for the rest of the world. Every year in winter the country burns millions of tons of coal to try and keep the poor people warm. If this dam is succesful and give the country of china a reusable energy source it will do amazing wonders for this country in such a degree that I couldn't even tell you. This country is disgusting my friends and this dam will make all the difference. But, there are some people and animal issues to look at. The people will be relocated by the government near the same area as before. The animals have enough common sense to know to stay away from the rising water. We do not need to worry about the poeple. They still have jobs and they are even moving into bigger houses with better living conditions. If they don't like it they can move to one of the near by major cities where there are many jobs available.
Keep it up!

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing it!
Keep it up!

After reading several comments and looking through the site it seems like it might be a good thing especially reducing the need for coal. Perhaps this could help to reduce
greenhouse gases and keep more glaciers from melting. As a few pointed out about the river being a sewer, it would be nice if they invested in sewage and or water treatment plants. I can't imagine what they do in the larger cities as I've never been there but would like to some day. That should be a part of their rebuilding the new cities and especially if they are putting that water into their produce fields.

i just watched an a&e speical on this whole damn thing. what i can't believe is they would not remove all the archeological treasures years in advance. this dam had to take some years to plan no? what were they doing ....i do know only 1% of dam moneys went to preservation. who knows what will become of any animals left behind. it's just like one day they decided to build this dam and there was no thought to people, animals or history. what a loss, that will be the new history. things will NEVER be seen again by our youth.
on the flip side, China is a huge polluter and needs to do something about this for all our sake. one of the biggest coal users in the world. you think the air in Cali. is bad? go to China. if they can pull this off, it will be a great thing for our planet in the long run. out with the old, in with the new. in the end, whats it all for?$
Janee Williams


I have been very interested in knowing all I can about this Phenomenal Project for several years. Gleaning what information I can and wanting to see and experience it first hand. In reading the information in this site about �The Great Wall Across the Yangtze� and reading many of the responses. I feel many of the people who have written in have no idea of what is really happening in China concerning this Dam. They truly need to experience China before they respond. There are a few who have hit the nail on the head understanding the plight of the poor and innocent citizens. Not to mention the corruption that occurs everywhere on this third rock from the sun. So I appreciate the opportunity to respond with my thoughts.
This native born white american has experienced life in China on 3 different occasions including living there. In this time, I have learned to understand what all this means to the citizens of China, poor and wealthy. The pains and suffering of upheaval and relocating t
o an uncertain future that I feel will be beneficial to all of them. Many of these people have never traveled more than a few miles from where they were born with a monthly income far less than what the average american makes in a day.
Now with my Goal to Return to what I affectionately refer to as HOME, CHINA. A country unmatched by any other with all the sites, sounds and splendor. I hope this project will be a complete success for her. Yes, even Success has negative effects. Yes, I am very deeply saddened by the lost of Artifacts, Historic Sites, Certain Wild Life and Mother Nature. Undoubtedly a body of water of this magnitude will have some impact to the environment for China and possibly the world. And I am concerned about the possibility of defect and or destruction of the dam. Lets not focus on the down side, but to see all the good in things to come for China and its people.
In the future I hope China and the world will consider other forms of alternative power production that is being developed. Fore example, Solar, Wind and Ocean Wave Generating power has been around for some time.
I agree with what some people have said. Let's have more positive input to China as she is trying to improve herself and the environment. Instead of negative input. Some of those BIG DADDY countries need to BUTT OUT or give a helping hand. It would be nice if all Progressive countries concerned would be more supportive of each other.
I think we need to look at it this way, What is the only thing in this world that remains constant? CHANGE!

I was there about two years after they started constuction on the dam. Lets face it the river is a sewer now, it can't get much worse. The dam is designed to help alive flooding down stream, which is a very large liability, and huge loss of life every few years. It will also generate an enormous amont of electrical power. Everywhere the sky is grey from coal fired generators. Yes many cities and towns will be flooded and eliminated, but they are building new cities above the new water line NOW. So those people dilocated will have new homes to live in. When I was there many looked to be shacks or very old buildings over 200 - 300 years old, I'm sure some were even older. Nothing modern about them. So they will be in new villages and cities, hopefully well planned. I did hear most had no plans for sewer treatment, so raw sewage will still be dumped into the river as it is now. With the reseorvior of water, the ability to pump water to new areas they could never farm befoe surly that must be a huge plus. Most all of the land animals will move on their own, so I am not worried about them. It is not going to happen in a week or even a month! There will still be gorges, just not as deep but they will still be very pretty, I doubt it will effect tourism. The new dam may even be a tourist attraction on its own. With 'ocean-going' ships now going all the way to Chongking, a city of fourteen millon, one of the largest in China, commerce should be much easier for them as well. Chonking should really prosper. Silting does concen me, I hope they find a way to deal with it. When you weigh the good against the bad, I think the good far outweighs the bad. I have read about corrution on the dam and other realted projects, it seems human nature. Look in your own town. We are not squeeky clean. Neither is our country as much as we would like to think. I wish them well.

As a Civil Engineering Student it's difficult for me to say I don't like the idea of building such a structure, I do like the idea. However, there are a number of environmental concerns for people and species living in and around the dam. Benefits to the structure include increased trade and navigation, clean power, and flood control. The disadvantages will include: a reservoir that's equivalent to a cesspool (untreated waste from industry, and neighboring cities is dumped into the river 24 hours a day, upstream), the likely extinction of the Yantze River Dolphin, the inundation of several historical sites, the resettlement of 1.2 to 1.9 million people (conceivably more depending of sediment build within the reservoir) and lack of sediment deposition downstream (without sediment, the river is likely to take sediment from areas downstream causing erosion in and around the area). In my opinion the Chinese would've been better off building a number of smaller dams along the tributaries of the Yangtze, it would've been more economical and safer. That all being said I'm still for the dam, I just feel there is a need, for the general health and well being of the population, to address these environmental concerns regarding the Three Gorges dam.
Tempe, Arizona

Im doing an debate on the 3 Gorges Dam and i am against it. The dam will kill the Baiji Freshwater dolphin. As if we can move them. Even finding them is pretty hard. There has only been one speciman found named QUI QUI and the other 2 baiji dolphins had died when they were caught. Also the tourism will be much more if the dam isnt built. I mean who the hell will waste their money to look at and big wall of concrete if they can see from the internet. But the view of the 3 gorges will attract more tourist than this bullshit concrete dam. Thanks for READING!!
Tallahassee, FL

I'm not an engineering expert, but I have been reading about the dam for years. I think it is a good idea because of the benefits that have already been mentioned, but I am extremely nervous about the potential catastrophic outcomes that could occur.
Chongqing is an important city, the capital of Sichuan, and we are risking flooding it if the sediment problems turn out to be unmanageable.
Also, should China ever go to war with Japan, the dam is an easy target, one missile would create a huge flood that would kill millions, I think the whole city of Wuhan would be destroyed.
If Taiwan decided they ever wanted to fight back, they would certainly take aim at the dam. The nationalists (the Chinese who ended up moving to Taiwan in 1949) intentionally flooded the river to slow down the Japanese in WWII, and ended up killing 30 million (yes, 30 million) Chinese.
If I were Chinese, and it were my decision, I would not have started the project. But the wheels are rolling, so
all I can do is hope that it works out.

Wisconsin waukesha!
I agree it shouldn't be done. I mean China already owes us alot of money as it is. And think of the endangered species tourists would pay alot to see. but if you build it you would kill them. Think of the wasted resources, the animals, the poor. That's a horrible decision.

Oh for crying out loud ppl if you don't have the information about the three gorges dam so don't comment any rubbish. Its definately a good thing. China needs the power to be developed and i bet it can beat USA in it. And no animals are gonna be killed they do have common sense to move they can adapt to a new environment. And as far as ppl they are given new homes. And china has also built 12 modern citys so ppl can move there.
Jacob Doherty
Waukesha, Wisconsin

I think the dam should not be built because there are probably hundreds or thousands of people where the dam is to be biult and flooded. Most of the people who live there are probably poor and and can't move to another home. China's only freshwater dolphin, Qui Qui, would also be in danger seeing how it's living in the Yangtze. I'm right now against the dam being built.

The Great Wall Across the Yangtze is a massive undertaking by the Chinese government and should have never been started; however, they have taken the steps to complete this dam and will finish it. Only the future will tell what destruction will occur due to The Three Gorges Dam. I believe most effects will be negative: you could see more flooding and earthquakes, even higher sedimentation, destruction of wildlife habitit, loss of fertile farmland, waste, and many displaced cilvilans. I think it's a true loss when a nation doesn't ask for the imput on the effected civilans or the nation in general.
Brisbane, QLD

I think that the three gorges project is terrific for china's economy. Firstly, before i say anything else, i would like to point out that there are good sides and bad sides to everything on earth. This 3 gorges project is no exception. So it is pointless to go on about only the positives or negatives, because your only looking at half the story.
I have just read a whole heap of comments stating that the construction will damage the environment and kill innocent animals.
This may be true in the short term, but China is a very large country, and wild animals do have the ability to migrate, so it is not likely that animals perishing will prove to be a very big problem. Also, damage to the environment is happening on a large scale, not only in china, but globally. So, even you people commenting may be causing it. Try doing something to decrease pollution close to home before trying to tell china that cutting down trees is wrong.
Also, I don't think it is very likely that the dam WILL crack, because it has been in planning for quite a few years, and they wouldn't have even bothered commencing the project if there was even a hint of doubt that it would not hold.
Lastly, i don't think that moving the people is a big issue. from some of the comments i have read, the people seem to be managing the move quite well.
There are actually more advantages than people think. Firstly, it provides many jobs for the citizens, helping them to keep food on the table for themselves and their families. Secondly, as many people for the damn have stated, it will provide a clean air source. That helps to maintain a healthy environment that will benefit the entire nation. And thirdly, and most importantly, it will prevent the torential flooding that kills so many people every year.
So surely, even though many people have protested against this project, it can't be all bad. They would have abandoned it a long time ago if it was. China isn't stupid.
Brisbane, Queensland

I have been reading all the comments about the 3 Gorges Project and all I can say is that most of the people don't know what there talking about. GO VISIT the Yangtze River before you make any coments. I just spent the last month in China and was very impressed in the way they are dealing with relocation and rebuilding. Wild animals will not be killed due to rising waters; they will move. Granted some historic sites will be lost and some relocated like when then built the Abu Simbel damn in Eqypt.
Remember the TVA Tennessee Valley Authority) and all the problems that caused in 1933.
Helena MT

I think that it could go eather way
good things-
1) stop floods
2) more electricity
bad things-
1) make people move from their homes
2) a lot of stuff will be ruined
so I'm neutral!!!
Missoula, Mt

This project is a disaster. We must stop the project from continuing, there are much cleaner, and cheaper ways to get power than from moving 1.9 million people from their homes, along with distroying thousands of years of history.
helena mt

i think that the dam is a bad for the land and the people of china it will kill a lot of the animils
Mark St. Leger
Lake Elmo, Minnesota

My husband and I just spent 9 days on the Yangtze. My father built dams for the U. S. government in the Western part of the U.S., so I have a long interest in the subject. China is not evil for wanting to stop the massive flooding, nor for wanting to bring relatively clean energy for its people. I think there is a carryover still from Chairman Mao times in that arts and architecture and temples are a part of the old China to be swept away with the waters of the Yangtze as they rise behing the dam. Modernization is more important than preservation of antiquities. This happens in every city in America, as city fathers exert eminent domain for the greater good, taking farmlands and buildings, tearing down antiquated buildings for modern business, and so called urban renewal. Only time will tell if the dam does provide energy for the long term, or will it silt in like the Aswan Dam. Only time will tell if this is ten year or twenty year fix, or one of longer standing. China is moving forward for better or worse. History will be the judge of its consequences.
New York

Thanks for definitely very, very nice site!

i do NOT think this should be built! think of the possiblities! all those poor defensless animals! the historic sites! for gods sake a lot of land hasnt even been explored! there could be answers to the past hidden there and no one would ever get the chance to find it! also what IF there was a leak or break in the dam!?! it could kill a lot of people!all that sediment that will build up cant be good even if that one thing that lets it out a little at a time is installed or what ever there is a good chance that i could quit working and over flow! people and animals lifes could be in danger here! i say dont do it!
Joseph Tiong Chung Kien

Like anything BIG,there are more sacrifices to be made,even when planting for food,example:rice fields,cornfields,wheatfields and the list goes on..trees were destroyed the grounds subjected to abused whether in China, Asia, Europe or USA.

Building cities,highways etc. are all the same. What are histories or treasures to millions of empty stomach. Most of the treasures and hisrorical items can be moved to safe locations.Flooded sites can be made as underwater tourist attractions, (go scuba diving etc.) For a huge country like China to prosper,the amount of energy required is really big.

Would you like China to bulid many more neuclear plants which is also an enviroment time bomb but cannot stop the Yangtze from overflowing?
Shannon Henley

I think the dam could ruin lots of animals homes and posibly kill them so I doo not agree cause I love animals,it's my weekness. Thanks for alowing me to say what I think.

P.S.No effence to thoughs who agree

hey, i am with the majority of people wo think that it is the chineese who have the decision, lots of countries have done things that the world sees wrong not to point any fingers (US IRAQ)

but this damn could save so many people from annual flooding, but how many will ide if the damn craks and leaks, millions (hell its china billions)

but all the habitat that gets destroyed will change, it wont deiiapear, think of the fishing, the boating, a hole new ecosystem

I think it is a waste of money there are so many alternatives. Why waste so much money on something that will take away so many peoples homes? They could build dikes,walls,dig it deeper during the dry season.Instead of taking animals,peoples,and historic places homes.

i thinkits bad becouse it probly going to kill a lot indangered animals. and it going to reuine a buch of towns
Moscow, Russia

The project will give economic boost and will save lives in short term. That's great. However, lets think of long term effects. This project is doomed. It will be a failure. It will be an environmental disaster. Not now, not tomorrow, but sometime in the future. Dams will cause major changes in environment. Cycles will change. Erosion problems will appear. Soils will be effected.

Bad decision.
Casey Gierke
Missoula MT

I think that the dam is going to ruin some treasures that will be irreplaceble and destroy some scenery that is unmatched as far as I know. The dam should be scrapped and the money being put into it should be used for international advertising to attract tourism. the money generated by the tourism industry should then be used to buy or produce the power that has everyone convinced this is a good idea.

The dam will cost ALOT-$30 billion. This might be bad economically if something goes wrong. Also there is the cost of sediment tretment. The tourism near the 3 gorges will go down. All of that money will go dowm the drain if the dam collapses. If the dam works well, the money will be well spent. More business will come due to the lake being big enough for big ships and tankers.

I agree that making Three Gorges Dam because it can hold many floods.Makes a lot of eletricity.If Dam is not build it could effect a lot of major cities everytime when the flood comes.

I am niether with or against the dam. There are some very good reasons why it should be built. People will no longer have to suffer the trauma of floods. Hydro electricity will be generated and navigation will be improved. But there are a few bad points. Marine life will die, money will be spent and land will be lost. Also, the hanging coffins will be lost and 13 major cities will be flooded. This could also be a target for floods. It might be a good thing or it could be a disaster.
wellston Mi

I think about the great wall I like to go there and I want to go when I am older.
I think the three gorges dam should not be built because of the so many cons. for one the three gorges dam will be killing endangered species. Two it will be causin millions to move from their nice peaceful homes on the yangzees rivers shore. Three many temples relics and memories will be washed away and sunk to the bottom of the three gorges dam. Out of the pros there aren't that many good power supplies. Why would you want so much power if half your people are farmers. In my opinion the three gorges dam should not be built.
brattleboro vermont

i'd like to point out that man is just another animal, and the rest of the animals work with nature instead of against it. by altering and distructing nature, we are essentially encouraging the distruction of our own race. we are the only race who insist upon ruining our enviornment in order to make it better... by building the three gorges dam china would basically be fighting fire with fire.

Just for the record, not everyone in the US believes they have the right to control events in other countries - just the ones with the big mouths. Please keep in mind that the millions of others you have NOT heard from on this site feel much like everyone else: that it is certainly China's right to decide on a project such as this. However, in countries where there is no freedom for the people to speak out, it is difficult to know what ALL of China's people think. We only know the government's point of view and it makes many of us in free countries feel the need to speak out for those in China whose voices are not heard.

However, before you "put yourself in their shoes" please consider that their concerns are different than ours in very basic ways. Many voices on this site point out the archeological and endangered species losses. How can this be a major concern to millions of people without electricity, running water, sewage and regular threats of catastrophic flooding and disease? There are major problems to be solved in their country and we cannot fathom the difficulties and complexities involved.

It seems there are valid concerns about the sediment build-up, release of toxins from the mines and balancing the hydroelectric needs with the anti-flooding needs once the dam goes into operation. Maybe if other countries were less critical China would be less reluctant to ask for help in solving the problems. I, too, feel it is a shame for the loss of nature and history. Yet the people of China have great need of basics many of us take for granted and their economy needs to be brought into the future. These are massive undertakings and we cannot isolate the dam from all the issues China is attempting to resolve.

I would hope the government would make some effort to save the history and nature threatened by the dam project; and I would hope they could set aside pride to ask for help in solving the problems. But I do not believe bombarding them with criticism will HELP them. We did "what we had to do" when we were forging our country's future and I know we lost many things we've come to regret in the process (Native Indian culture, wolves, etc). Our future was our priority then and China's is theirs now.

I offer my support to the people of China. I only hope the government truly has their future and safety in mind above all other considerations.

People need to look and see if the postivies outway the negatives or not. I feel the dam is a bad idea. The people who live in that area should be able to decide whether or not they want this to happen. This will change the life of over a million people and they should have a voice! Not only this but so many treasures will be lost and animals will be led to death. There are other ways around the flooding like walls around the river or ditches. Also, you need to think about the people who used to use the river to irrigate their fields. this is, in my opinion, a bad decision that will hurt the people of China.
To CL and Deniece,

From a logical perspective, you simply speak of ethical relativism, in that you believe that whatever a countries power says is ethically correct, is indeed correct. Perhaps the situation is different (i'll use an extremity to undenyably argue my point)- and the problem is that in a specific country, some of the population believes it correct to eat babies for breakfast, are we to be quiet to this matter when there are consequences and harm? Of course, or babies aren't at risk, but it's an moral decision that is controversial to society. If one shows that they are unable to make a logical moral decision then they are void of having any ethical freedom. Simply because we do not live in this country doesn't make it obsolete. In fact, MORE people internationally need to speak up because the people who are in China will be punished for going against this decision to build the dam. There are plenty of other alternatives to this monumental hydrodam. For instance, they could look into a new, more technologically sophisticated alternatives, such as the energy provided by combined cycle plants, which are cleaner, cheaper, safer, more reliable, uses less fuel, promises faster returns on investment, requires less capital investment, does not require an expensive long-distance transmission system, permits greater local control over electricity supply and investment, adapts easily to rapid changes in energy needs and carries no risk of black outs. In other words, hydro-dams are already obsolete. Also because of the three gorges, water pollution would increase as the power of the Yangtze, which helps flush pollutants dumped by the factories on the riverbanks, is reduced and as more factories are relocated to the edge of the reservoir. There are also plenty of alternatives to prevent flooding. Instead of a dam, what about dykes and channel improvements, overflow area designation, better zoning, flood proofing and flood warning systems? Why haven't they implemented those?

This project is going to help as much as it's going to destroy, so where's the logic? Do the means justify the ends in this situation? I believe there are better alternatives that share two harmonic positives instead of a contradicting negative and positive.

There is an alternative to losing the cultural artifacts. While building the dam, there could be efforts to salvage the historic fabric that is important to the future cultural heritage of China. If other nations are so concerned with the implications of this project, they need to be proactive with the situation. Unfortunately, without exact knowledge of whether or not the Chinese government will acquiesce such collaboration, I cannot know if any efforts have been made. This is truly sad...not only to see the historic monuments disappear, but know that many of the families being displaced are also against this move through protests. There is a way.
Trinidad and Tobago

First of all I think that the U.S. should stay out of China's buisness! China is not a part of the U.S. They have their own government and have their own legal system. China can make their own decision with respect to the Three Gorges Dam. Lets face it,the bulk of you who have written on this discussion, has never lived there or have any family ties whatsoever to that country. So who gives you the right to demand anything? You have rights in your country and yours alone! Yes, it would truly be a devastating and saddening occurence for the historical temples and the wildlife and the many homes to become submerged.But, at the same time China believes that they could be saving lives and boosting it's economy. Despite my opinion that they shouldn't build the dam,who am I to say not to. I don't have any alternatives,do you? So before we give demands especially those who say not to build, you should give an alternative. So please give your opinion but don't demand anything it's not your right!
Genna Smith

There are many positive aspects to the building of the dam as there are negative. The building of the dam has provided many new building jobs, and provided famillies with a place to stay. On the downside the dam is costing billions to make and may not even work. When the dam is full it will flood at least 13 major cities and cover up many tourist attractions and historical monuments. But if the dam does work then it will stop floods further up stream, stopping peoples land from being completely ruined. I am without a final descision on whether the dam will be a positive or negative aspect, however for the people of China i hope that the dam goes to plan.
Mike Brown

The dam has an equal amounts of positive factors as it has negative, it will eventually provide China with an steady and constant economic boost from all the electricity and publicity generated but it will also destroy many religious sites and buildings, although Chinese officials are having around 1800 of them moved further uphill many of them will still be lost.

There will also be a huge amount of pollution generated from the cities which will be submerged, it may be a historic irony that China's largest and most prestigious project to date ends up being a giant cesspool generated from all the sewage, left underground in the old cities.

On the positive side the villagers downstream will no longer have to worry about flooding and their farming industry will boom however upstream, it will falter and most probably given time: fail.

Either way, I hope that the Chinese will be successful with their dam and I wish them every success for the future.

Thank you for your attention, Mike Brown.
Burlington ON

i think the only people who should have a say in this should be the chinese, i immigrated to Canada 4 years ago when i was 10 from China. I remember clearly every year on the news there will be reports of people who died in the flood caused by the Yangtze, i think its a good trade off with the environment,animals and artifacts to assure the safty of the people.

environment is being damaged as we speak in china by the coal and oil used to start electricity, i went back to China for a visit this april, i went to my grand parent's house and found out that there is a electricity outage schedualed every 2 days because they don't have enough power forthe whole town at the same time, so they have to alternate the power thoughout the town.

animals will be in great danger... but are you willing to see thoughsands of people drown and loose their home every year for the safty of these endangered species? US is against this project because of the danger to the animals, but did they do anything for those chinese who lost their homes and family to the flood?

artifact will be destoryed... i am sure people will regret it in the future but if they postphone the project for an extra year, that means thoughsands of people will die. so its either the artifact or the lives of the people, ask yourself this: are you(and your family) willing to die to save artifacts? if the answer is yes, then you are one of the few people who would. in my opinion, people's lives are alot more important than the artifacts, in the children that drowned every year, immagine if they lived, what will they be when they grow up? its either to save the past or work for our future.

are there alternat options? yes, the chinese govermen can build dams in other rivers, but with the increasing demand for electricity, there just isn't enough time!

there are danger in this project, but can you point out any project that is as big as this that had no danger? there is a risk in everything you do, some small but some are great, this is a critical moment for China because it is becoming a industrialized nation. if any of you go to ShanHai, you would think it might be as good as the city you live in, even better. but the reason China isn't a industrialized nation right now is because of the poor in romote areas in order to help the poor in China, better transportation is needed as well as electricity. this project provide all that.

the dam will bring the future closer to China
Victoria Chang
Sydney, Australia

I have travelled on the Yangtze river cruise and been to the site of the Three Gorges Dam a couple years back. I fully support this project, although I pity the historical and environmental treasure the Chinese people and the world will never see again.

I believe in the ideal behind the dam; to save people from the notorious floods, to generate power for the population, and help to boost China's economy. I hope this ideal will become reality when the dam is finally in operation. I rather believe that it will, than to criticise and damn it won't.

As with all great things in life, there are drawbacks. Many have said the project is a political regime, of course it is. Chinese government, too, has the obligation to ensure better living of its people. Millions have already lost their lives in the river's flooding, and there will be more death if no action is taken to prevent similar tragedies. Environmentalists and Human Rights have talked about the loss of the endangered spices and criticised the poor resettlement policy. But for the Chinese government, isn't moving its people away from harm's way and reserving the lives of these people more important? So when comparing the pros and cons on these issues, I'd say, "Yes, it's political and good politics it is."

People from the Western countries are seeing this project from their Western point of view, where they treasure freedom and human rights. However, they may not be able to see this project from the Chinese point of view. Most people living along the Yangtze River are peasants, who just want to make a living and survive and to live happily at old age. Their lives are too poor that they can't think more than the 3-meal and the wellbeing of their children. So, if people can see the project from their perspective, knowing what they really need, a safe living environment, then maybe people can see the necessity of the Three Gorges Dam, and have the same faith in the government as (most of) the Chinese people do.

I'm just curious. Why should the U.S. have any say in this matter? Who are they to the Chinese people? Why should the U.S. dictate what other countries do?
Quite frankly, what does this dam have to do with any of you?. None of you actually live in China. If the Chinese decide to build a dam, good for them. They don't go around deciding if its ok or not ok for any other nation to build a dam in their own country.
antwerp belgium
as an environmentalist i am supporting the project on oll my heart, because of the huge amounts of redused co emmisions

of cours there is a need to solve the problems of water pollutions and so on but you do not thing thad klimate change is the biggest threat for our enviroment???
Duane M. Navarre
Greetings All,

Like all things the sword cuts both ways.

This dam will put out the equivalent power of 18 nuclear power plants .

In "one" flood in 1998 4,000 died, and 24 billion dollars worth of damage was done.

Like all construction projects here in the US there is graft and corruption .

Bribery is common in business in Asia , its ugly, but common .

Many major projects here in the US caused ppl to move out of their way, and it will continue into the future .

I think the endangered species that live in the 360 mile stretch also happen to live a little further upstream and downstream .

There may be a very few that do not, but odds are very against it . They can be relocated if environmentalists will relocate them .

Destroying the cities is something the river was already notorious for during floods and I consider this irrelevant .

PBS speaks to its captive audience and know that is is by and large somewhat liberal in their views, and thus to present this in a negative light .

China currently uses 80% crude oil and is gearing up their economy to full steam.

Most of what we buy at discount stores is made in China if you read the back of the box or label .

You want to slow their economic expansion to save the trees, plants, and animals then stop buying their products .

Truth will tell the US consumer is going to keep buying the cheap items from China, that will not change "period"

So China being the fastest growing mercantile power on earth will continue .

For that to continue they will need energy, and LOTS of it .

I'd look for more dams to be built, but I doubt any this massive .

I look for there to be problems with the dam, but then again every other form of power from oil to nuclear has problems too .

Think of Exxon Valdez, Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island .

If you have a perfect solution to their power problems present it, and I am sure they would embrace it with open arms .

Otherwise bemoaning and whining with no real offers to help is mere static .

China with 1.3 billion ppl has 4 times the US population, they are going to be leaping into the modern age in a VERY short amount of time , they are going to need all means necessary to do this .

I for one wish them luck .

Duane M. Navarre
I think this project all in all is a bad idea they are killing many already endangered animals ressettiling hundreds of thousands of people and flooding many historical sites. But we (the U.S.A) wont do anyhtink cause a fair amount of important people are making money off of it so everybody in my opinion is being very selfish and self absorbed.If they have suvived hundreds of years without the dam they can survive a couple hundred more!
yes, i think the u.s. should speak out about things that don't actually concern us.maybe i'm just nosy but isn't impressing the rest of the world how this got started?on china online i found a small bit about the history of this original plan was for this to "show the nations vitality" which basically means they want to show that they are just as good a the "younger" nations.if we tell them that this plan is not impressing but actually depressing us the plans might stop. we fit in with this project because it is affecting other mankind.i'm a firm believer that you should help others if you expect them to help you. if we don't help the citizens now when they most need us, how can we possibly expect them to help us or even themselves?we are the stronger people so we should try to help the weak.I think that not helping the citizens would be selfish and bad for us in the long run.Unfortunately, the cituation may be beyond help now.
I'm researching this topic and I think that the directors on this project are being totally selfish.This dam is causing resettlement of 100 towns!That's 1.2 million people being resettled for something they don't even have a say in!!Already over 200 people have been arested.For example, journalist Don Quing was arrested for speaking her own opinions.She was in jail for 10 months.I think that even this reason (resettlement)should be enough to stop construction, but there are other reasons, too.this will bury almost1,300 historical landmarks, cover fertile soil, and erase many homes that have been in families for years.
Princeton, NJ
Although there are both pros and cons to both sides of the issue, and I understand how people could be on either side, I tend to think that the dam was a bad idea.

There are really only three main reasons why it's a good thing: hydroelectric power, flood control, and better navigation on the river.

However, there are many more counter arguments regarding this issue.
1)endangered animals
2)natural beauty destroyed
3)tourism decrease
4)relocation problems (people don't want to move from their homes)
5)corruption problems in relocation
6)13 cities, 140 towns, and 1300+ villages destroyed
7)public health becomes an issue as the reservoir is filled with sewage and waste (many many diseases, at least 30)
8)target for war
9)historic and archaelogical sites lost
10)international conflict (other countries don't support)
11)loss of arable land (and 2/3 of the pop of china lives on the 10 percent of china that is arable... also, main work is farming in china)
TEMPERATURE INCREASE IN MOST OF CHINA (2/3) AND IN THE SEA OF JAPAN, AFFECTING JAPAN'S TEMPERATURE AS WELL (and affecting the growth of many crops such as mandarin oranges)
13)silt problem (can't help farming and might build up)
14)failure of dam would cause a TIDAL WAVE
15)I can pretty much go on and on and on...

Unfortunately, it's being built right as I type... So I'll stop now.
Craig Steese
As an environmentalist ,I am worried about the impact of the Three Gorges Dam in China. Four hundred years ago our land supported many Native American Nations.We have destroyed much of what supported those people. Who are we then to tell China what they should do with their natural resourses? We need to expand our efforts here in the US.We are 5% of the worlds population yet we use 25% of the world's resources.They may be totalitarian, but we have a democracy yet expansionism and profiteering came before environmental considerations.We need to take our own advice.We are not a shining example of physical conservation. Lets take down a few dams over here!
NIkhila Albert
Waukesha WI
I think that before the dam is built, they should uncover the archeoligic sites. I also think that people should do something about the animals. There shouldn't be any endangered animals, or atleast as many as there are now. They could transfer them to zoos or other places. They should make a book about what all the people that live by the river have to say about the dam. Many people would not want to move. But people not near the dam, would love the benefit of the energy that is made(produces as many as 15 nuclear power plants).
Audrey Roberts President ARTV,Inc.
Las Vegas, NV
I went the same route as Ellen...I went to film the art & artifacts along the river before they disappeared, along with the people...I brought a videograper, a women, and the digitial mini dv...They tried to confiscated my camera several times! I have great footage and was strickly going to edit the film on the art& artists ancient to modern. It was hard to stay focused with art seeing all that was being recycled and going on! Personally, i think alot of people are going to die along that river...The ones I interviewed would rather die then live in a condo! I am really glad that you have brought this subject into the open, its very sad and has haunted me...When the chinese built the Great Wall, was it to protect the people from invaders??? Since 1/3 of the population died during the building, I think it was a major ego trip for that evil emperor, whose name I won't even mention...Is this Dam for the betterment of the people? The govt knows there r 2 many people! I am still trying to find out where all the art went? Let me know if you need more footage...

Audrey Roberts
Cheng Liu�
Well, now the dam had built. Only history can tell if this dam is good for the mankind or not. Why does not PBS follow through what they showed earlier to shoot another episode of this dam? With all the grants that PBS gets, you can do it.

Shoot the reality, interview the real people not politicians nor environmentalists, show the altered terrain and scenary. Maybe that can bring the real story to the people in this world. We shall never judge a project on a segmented history. 20-50 years later, we can tell like what we now tell for Colombia River's dams.
Boston, MA
It is quite surprising to see viewpoints based only on what the program had shown as the negative points. As someone who has been on the river as well as seen what has been done to prepare for the completion of the dam I believe the Chinese are doing the right thing.

It is clear the movement of the cities was a positive move. Most housing units did not have running water or modern sewage (the buildings construction would not allow modernization). Most use open fires using coal or small twigs and brush. The new cities have modern plumbing and use coal gas for heating and cooking (read: much cleaner & healthier!!)

Yes, the loss of relics and possible environment impact on the river is a concern. The section of the river that is most impacted by the flooding is directly in front of the dam (It's a large flat area) while the upper 3/4 are high walled gorges with limited occupation (three concentrated cities and a handfull of smaller villages). Mostly, it is grazed by goats and wa ter buffalo. Little is grown on the lower river above the dam (except directly in front of the dam), which is being flooded. Mostly the upper river (not being flooded by the dam) is were the farming is done along the river. It should be noted the rivers current is quite high, unlike the Amazon and the Nile (both of which I have seen) makes farming directly on the river in the gorges unworkable and navigation dangerous. The dam will act as a buffer making navigation safer and will allow more farming in some lower tributaries which are not accessable today.

A few people commented on putting either smaller dam's on the river or it's tributaries. As one who has seen the river I don't think either of these solutions would have worked. I think they would have been worse for the environment as well as not achieved the benefits the single dam offers.

We need to remember what we have as a life style is not the same as the rest of the world. China is caught with extremes, old citys inland which are unhealthly and modern clean cities we see along the coast. The speed they are moving forward to catch up to us is unbelievable. Some of there actions are questionable in this case I think it was the best they could do.
I am not in favor of this project at all because the damage caused by the dam would be a lot, and almost two million people would lose their homes and farming lands would be destroyed. Here is more information about it. First, the investment will be huge, and they may not be able to recover it as cheaper power source become able to be used. Second, people find it very difficult to adjust to their new homes. Their human rights are disobeyed. Third, water pollution and deforestation will increase. The edge of the coastline will be destroyed. The altered ecosystem will endanger many species. Some may even become extinct. Forth, the reservoir will flood and damage many historical sites. This will ruin many scenic places and this will affect the tourism industry. Fifth, siltation will be blocked within a few years and this will prevent improvements to the navigation. There are more bad points rather than good points about the dam. But whatever the reason, the project seems to have produced its own momentum, and the further along it gets, I know the harder it would be to stop. So I strongly suggest that they shouldn't build the Three Gorges Dam.
Toronto, Ont
Perhaps the project has generated heated debate, but PBS's side is clear.

Every single link under the "resources" section of this site is to a source that is opposed to the project. Even the questions you pose in requesting feedback take opposition to the dam as a foregone conclusion.

Why should I take your presentation on this issue seriously when it is so obviously biased and one-sided?
Victor can Kessen
Amsterdam The Yangtze River dam should not be built. Even for all the benefits that may come from its construction, the risks are just too great. On the other hand, if China wants to build dams for cleaner, reusable energy, it could possibly undertake several smaller projects along the river's many tributaries. This would provide a great deal of energy, perhaps not the 'equivalent to 15 nuclear power plants,' but still a great deal of energy to power China's growing cities. This would also cost less, attract more investors, and maintain the beautiful landscape of the Yangtze that attracts so many tourists from around the world. The Yangtze River dam is a major mistake that shows how an egotistical leader of a Communist nation with security and censorship control rivaling Stalin's Russia, has used the idea of changing China into a modern nation and establishing it as an economical superpower to cover for his own personal ambition to be remembered as the one who transformed China. Instead, he will be remembered as a fool. The dam's many problem's will most likely not be solved, and the reservoir created by the dam will become a toxic, sewage filled sediment deposit, which will eventually flood an area greater than what it will be protecting for the short term, wiping out countless more property and lives than the Yangtze used to. Besides that point, China's three most endangered water species will most likely become extinct. One can only hope and pray that the poor Chinese souls losing their homes, and those in the future who might lose their lives in a monstrous flood will survive and live, that the endangered species will somehow
Walnut, CA
The Three Gorges Dam is not worth the trouble... Ancient history cannot be replenished but energy can be replaced using better and alternative ways. Once endangered animals are extinct, there are no ways to bring them back. This is the same with history. History teaches us valuable lessons, how else would archaeologists piece together the past? The past might have better technological achievements, but history requires time to be discovered. The building of the Three Gorges Dam is, in my opinion, premature, destroying maybe our only link to past life around/in the river. With so many Chinese souls relocated and displaced, this dam should not be built. All things don't last forever, so if the dam breaks, even more souls might be displaced and even removed from this earth. If flooded, the beautiful Yangtze landscape will become nothing but a mere toxic dump due to factories upriver. Thousands of dollars of tourism money will not be spent on visiting the Yangtze, instead government money would be spent to maintain the dam. Long term effects will result in huge financial loss instead of gain. The Three Gorges Dam will leave a large and permanent scar in China...
Alan Koh
Although many problems coudl arise from the construction of the dam, I believe it should be done. The potential benefits brought about by this dam is much more important than other problems caused by the dam. The dam could possibly promote the economic development of China, and the lost of archaeology sites and animal species are small prices to pay. One matter of concern is the quality of construction. If the dam collapses, it would be catastrophic as millions of people living downstream would be killed int he floods. Great precaution must be taken to ensure the strength of the dam. if this si taken care of, the Chinese people need not worry about the dam.
Shanghai, China
I haven't seen the TV film, but read about the project on the net, and I do concur with the people saying, that we would still be running around in bear skins, and hit each other with stoneaxes, if mankind hadn't been inventive.

Can any person of any nation, say that all thing made, before and now, in their country is a "perfect thing". Yes - we are smart today and know a lot, but we still have to test new methods, and sometimes we have to take (calculated) risks.

The Chinese have lost millions of lifes to the Yangtze river, people have lost their homes, and millions in income have been lost. Did all you protesters care or do anything to help then, or would you have done in a future with no dam? It's so easy to sit at home and remember the nice trip on Yangtze, but is that helping the poor family who lost everything to a flooding? I think not!

Now some of these people gets a chance to start a new life somewhere else. The same happened to a lot of Europeans that left the "old land" 2 centuries ago, and in combined effort, by using new and yet unproven methods, created the land from where most of the protesters of this column comes from live.

Try not to be too selfish, and only think about a rivercruise. Think instead of the millions of people that will benefit from the project, and try to let the Chinese have a chance to prove, that they can do things as good as westerners. Statiscally they have the same amount of smart people, as anywhere else in the world.
Vancouver, B.C (Canada)
The dam should totally not be built! It will ruin the environment! It's gonna drown 141 towns and 30 cities!

But! The availability of hydroelectricity power from the dam is much cleaner than burning coal. By using the dam for power, we are reducing coal burning, thereby protecting the ozone layer more. This would also stop most radiation hazards at nuclear plants. However, the dam will alter the current ecosystem, as well as threaten the habitats of various endangered species of waterfowl, fish, and other animals.
Ken Fletcher
Liuzhou, Guangxi
Your otherwise excellent coverage of the Three Gorges Dam issue is somewhat diminished by your repeating the old myth that the Great Wall is visible from space. This is simply untrue as has been demonstrated many times.
Betty Rigby
Winston, Ga.
In July of 2002, my husband & I took a 3 week trip to China, which included 5 nights on the Yangtze, and a trip into the 3 Gorges. They were beautiful, and as we visited the now building dam, I was dismayed that so much history was being destroyed and so many people displaced. Putting faces on the people, talking to them, and listening to their concerns changed my thoughts on the "positive" aspects of the dam! The negatives seemed to be more evident than the positives! We, as Americans, need to voice our concerns!!
Tina Machuca
Arcata, C.A.
After watching this segment, I just cannot stop thinking about it. This awful dam just saddens me to the deepest part of my heart and soul. There are so many possible out comes with this very complicated situation. I feel the most frustrating part is it seems there is nothing anyone can do. I have watched docmentaries in the past that have effected me but, nothing quite like this. I definately feel the the enviorment will be impacted. How can it not?? what about the wild life?? the people? the temples? the history? not to mention that magical river that is very much alive and can anything sacred? I want to help fight for this blessed river that is going to be raped and murderd by the government. please tell me what I can do to help! Are there any American companies, Corporations that are supporting this dam? If so please educate me. Thank you p.b.s./Ellen Perry for bringing this to my attention and educating so many. NO DAM ON THE YANGTZE!!!!!! yours truely, Tina Machu
Phoenix, AZ
If the rumors are true, and the dam has in fact been built substandard, they will reap the rewards of their effort. Who knows, maybe the Chinese govt is well aware that the dam will fail and kill millions. They may think that a good thing in a country so over populated to begin with. What better way to eradicate so many and then blame nature, cosmic rays, angry ancestors, etc... AND they get to nix some of those "traditional" living and thinking people who don't care to modernize. A double hit! If it was built right, and works... My hat is off to them. Their vision, and pride in the accomplishment will speak for itself.
For the Chinese woman who says Americans make her laugh, this is discouraging to any thoughtful discourse between cultures, so I would say, please become a little more worldly in your view of Americans. While I agree, our very conservative government might choose the wrong course of action, it doesn't make it any less wrong, and it's not a justification for your argument.

While I agree with you that the dam is being built, and the only thing now that can be done is to plan for the best outcome, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best solution. My fear is that Chinese developers will have people will have a false sense of security, and build on land that would be flooded upon. In this case, lots of lives will be lost.

Also, I would say that it would be difficult for most Americans to imagine such a large population to have to deal with that kind of a problem, since our population growth rate is actually going down, even though our nation is less than 300 years old.

As for the people whose commentary suggests that they only think of power sources to generate electricity in terms of fossil fuel energy sources, this kind of a development only delays the reality- oil, and other natural resources are being mined, which means that the are being depleted faster than they can be replaced.

It is irresponsible for any country, the U.S. included to think in such short sighted terms. Not to mention the air and water pollution that a project like 3 Gorges will generate.
kristie hatton
everett, wahington
The chinese goverment is building this dam to help people, they say it will decrease the floods, but at what cost? One's heritage needs to be protected. There is no reason that a dam that large needed o be built at the cost of ancient towns and structures. the whole idea of this dam sickens me. displacing 2 million+ people and flooding these towns seems silly . All for what so they can say "ooh look what we built aren't we cool" thats basically it ,did their government even consider that they would be losing so much more than they are gaining. Personally I think this is a tragedy.Not only will they be losing many beautiful ancient structures but some people are losing their culture and their way of life. Relocating people to a new town or a newly built town is appaling. Some of these people have lived in their houses or townns for hundreds of years . To just destroy that is inhumane. Not only are the chinese losing out but all of society is. The knowledge and wisdom that we can gain fr om the artifacts and structures will be lost forever. I live very far away from china and these issues are really none of my concern considering that I am not chinese but I think that this is a worldly issue and everyone needs to be heard.
betta bradley
tallahasse fl
Yes, the Chinese gov't has valid and important reasons for building this dam. BUT could this benefits be achieved by other means? YES. This project is very risky, given the factors that it is the largest hydro electric dam, and that it is located in the heartland of a huge and densly populated country. The Yangtze Rivers fate is imtamately tied to China's fate. Alternatives: cogernatation, combined cycle gas turbines, etc. the chinese gov't has not exploited it's resourse on how to : reduce pollution through coal burning or to prevent flooding This dam is a finacially dsasterous risk: what if something goes wrong (any little thing), millions are wasted. Would it not be better to have small dams or etc
Leendert Dijkhuis
Arnhem, The Netherlands
I have seen many pros and cons on building the dam. I believe the Chinese government has made a good decision on building the dam, because it will save a lot of lives. Since the dam is already under construction and will be ready in a couple of years. I find it more important for the rest of the world not to argue on whether it is good or bad the dam will be built, but to point out to China what its government has to do when the dam is ready. There could be some serious problems when the dam is ready:
- pollution from industry upstream will not pass the dam but will sink in the reservoir, causing major environmental problems
- the dam will not help against flooding if the reservoir will be too full for economic reasons (higher difference in water level will mean more energy, which means more income)
- if timber in the region is not halted the river will be faster full (which means a larger flooding problem) and will also erode the mountain slopes along the river

These are some of the problems that will occur when the Chinese government doesn't apply strict regulation on its industry and inhabitants. I surely hope the Chinese does realise these potential problems and does prevent them.
gegroet en tot later
Sacramento, Ca
I've visited Beijing during the summer of 2002, beside Beijing I also took a cruise down the Yangtze River. I will never forget that trip. Yangtze River is so amazing, I remember the water fall, monkeys on the side of the river and the coffin high in the mountains. It's beauty amazed me, I disagree with the constructing of the dam. Because the beauty of yantze river will lie beneath the water and people would never get a chance to see the beauty of yangtze river. But my opinion is no use because half of the dam is already completed when I visited Yangtze River. All I have to say is, before the beautiful scene disappear take the yangtze river cruise and see it for yourself.
Hay people i think it shouldent be built becas then every thing is going to be under water and i just wanted to tell every one that our class is doing a little inclass project about the three gorges dam progect and we got split up into groups about pros and cons i am a con guy well i just thought i would drop a line later
The dam is a horrible idea. I can understand why it could be seen as a nessesity, but the ecological events could destroy more. If this dam is built many will have to move, but were are the farm lands going? OR the species that are exclusive to the area? Even if you kill the smallest organisim in that river, the whole area could become the dead sea. Even with the efforts to clean up the area, they will not equal the amount of harm. Not to mention that this dam will only account for 20% of the electricity by 2010. Even if it is built, the dam will fill with the outragous amounts of silt and cause flooding upstream. This dam will only cause future issues and expenses.
Kinsang Yue
Hongkong SAR
I have read through most of the threads below and found some very interesting ones that I agree on and some other ones that make me laugh.

I think the issue(s) here is/are not to agrue whether the dam should be build (it's building). With the known benefits that it will provide, it is much more important to ensure and/or minimise the negative disadvantages of the project.

I agree strongly on some threads below that we live in reality and not a dream world. For those who like to make irresponsible comments about the Chinese gov't being this or that should only think what would they do if it happened in the US. Will they rather have smog air to breathe daily, floods every year that kills thousands as well as billions dollar lost as a result, no electricity to use (unless raise war on the oil rich countries) or unfortunately have some animial killed and so on. Surely, I will cherish those anciet history of ours that will lose forever and god knows what it would have helped us to un derstand not only Chinese history but also the history of mankind, but if you outweight the pros & cons, there are ground for the project. What it should do is to ensure the dam won't break, the sediment issue can be solved, proper disaster programs are in place, toxic hazards & sewage problems resolved and at the same time cater the people affected, excavate historical sites & learn as much as possible as well as try to save those animals that people loved.

One question to those animal lovers. What would you do if you are in an deserted island with no food to eat & not knowing other alternate food available and there is an endangered species, let's say a 3 footed chicken... would you eat it or die of hunger? That's the point....
David Raubeson
Environmentalists have gotten a stranglehold on the American construction industry. Projects that would have benifitted mankind have been delayed or canceled. You want to sit in your climate controlled homes and surf the web on your powerful computers, never considering where this energy comes from. I could not find the acreage total for wind powered generating stations in California but assume it is greater than the area of a hydro-electric dam that would produce a like amount of power. What an eyesore and with no residual benefits. Do they control wind erosion and stop dust storms? Do they provide recreation for thousands of people (or even one person)? Did you ever stop to think that if your kind had been around thousands of years ago, the great wall of China would not have been built because the environmental impact statement would have delayed construction and increased costs to the point where it was not feasable to build? As an operating engineer with over 25 years of experien ce building water projects, power plants and highways all across the western U.S. my only question is; How do I get a job on this history making project that rivals any of the seven (manmade) wonders of the world?
R.Michael Wilson
Los Angeles, Ca
there has always been a scale where mankind must decide to favor the "needs" or the "wants". In both cases there will be great controversy as to what is most important. In this case the powers that be have decided that need for more power with natural energy at the cost 28 billion dollars outways the wants to perserve certain natural enviromental locations.True China has to make some major dicissions towards the 21st. century and its ever demanding populus, I feel that those displaced "poor" people will continue to be poor ( with inside running water)and those at the top will amass funds that will be awesome. I favor the addition of this creative masterpiece BUT there should have been more effort in providing various considerations to those who are going to be affected in a long term ( by generations ). Since this project is to be a marvel to mankind why not call upon some of our creative wizards who could have take certain sites and made them underwater projects that could have been u tilized even after the initial projects have been completed. There could have been a larger percentage in the funding to aide with thoses who chose to remeber the past as well as live for today. The dam will be completed, the past will be submerged forever,problems will appear, and mankind will perservere at what ever cost it takes
I think that the Three Gorges dam should not be made...due to the fact that millions of people will have to move for this to be accomplished. Many archeological sites wil also be underwater when the Dam has been finished. I dont think all this should have to happen just for a dam too be built. Yes it may help flood control and make hydro-electiricity, but like people have pointed out before, you cannot do both at the same time. China really should think about what's important in life, the people and their homes or having the largest dam in the world
jimmy Diego
san Diego, USA
First and foremost we have to know what is and what in NOT important. Human Soul and Human life is most sacred because it is eternal. This life on earth is a battle for the soul to choose heaven or Hell. Therefore it is most important that the human needs are taken care first. Not animals, not forest, not trees or past culture. It has been proven in the past that dinosaurs, cultures dinosaures and so on dissapear and replaced. It is a constant change to give mankind a better living standard, namely be able to eat, drive a car and take better care of his life and soul.

It is sickening that environmentalists extremist always cry about remnants of cultures and environment. It should concern with the environman not environment. When the body is healthy, when the life is healthy then soul could pray peacefully and that is what God wants. To pay respect to Him alone, not animals or tree. Just like in Libya and Egypt, dams are are wonderful things that save life and give life. Human progress is a testimony of God's glosry therefore human needs comes first before animals or species or trees. Until this false doctrine is cleaned up from our schools and todays generation, we are only going to have lower livign standard which is what th devil wants.
Atlanta, GA
One will have to understand the history of China to understand the importance of this dam. Unlike western world, who consumes millions and billions of barral of oil from midle east while keeping wetern world relative clean, China has relatively little energy resources. Burning coal has already created so much environmental hazards. That leaves Chinese no choice but to build this dam, unless one wants Chinese to be poor forever. The advantege of this dam outweights disadvantage and environmental impacts it brings. If China was covered by coal smog, if China had no trees after peopel cut all of them for cooking fire, no animal can survive there. When people in western world are sitting in the air-conditioned home, please think again from regular Chinese stand-point who have little to live with.
You know? I think we should let the people of China decide. We should have nothing to say about this issue. It all has to do with the Chinise, not us. I myself am bise on the idea. Not good, not bad. It is not our choise though.
I am split on this subject of the Great Wall. On one hand you could get a clean and powerful source of energy for a nation who is desparately low on energy supply. Plus, getting energy out to rural areas of China may improve the quality of life for some. But on the other hand the nature aspect will be harmed. The different species that are already endangered would vanish and that could set off a chaon reaction. I think that if this program is to work they must find a way to watch how the species in that area are doing. Good luck on the project, may it bring only good to China.
well, for a school project i am doing the 3 gorges dam project, wev'e had to research it tthoroughly, and i am amazed that they are still going ahed with the dam.... Not only will it send many endangered species to extenction, it will, prove a huge problem to recloate all those people. And the Archaloegical site, all those thousand year histories, drowne. And not only that it will become a target for war. If the dam is bombed the damage will be unimaginable, although it may seem unlikely, it can happen. I bet none of us even dreamed that the twin towers would be bombed on Sept. 11, but it happened. I think the dam, is just asking for trouble.
rolf schondorff
naarden, holland
the yangtze is a beautiful river; the three gorges are gorgeous; i have been there in 1997; but if it is true that in the last 2000 years there have been about 200 flooding disasters, killing people and making milions of them homeless i think it is worth the effort to try to tame the long river; next to that clean hydro-electricity and better navigation and thus development of the inner western provinces are important issues...i write this on the the day (24 august 2002) that ten thousands of people are struggling to prevent a flooding catastrophe at dongting lake..........
Trent Peters
I think this dam puts millions of people in danger.
#1 They have too many earthquake faults in that area.
#2 Where is the flood control before completion?
#3 How much of this water will be contaminated and wash into the ocean before the project is completed?
#4 How far back will the water rise, and how many other countries will this flood when big rains come?
Irvine, CA
I have learned a few things about the building of the Three Gorges Damn, and I, as well as many of you, have mixed feelings about this issue. First of all, the reasons for building this damn are not based merely on political, financial and economic reasoning. I believe the first and foremost reason for the building of this damn is for humanity. As Joost mentioned many many people lost their lives in the August 1998 Flood, and countless monetary damange was made. Regardless of any situation, I believe that human lives are more valuable than natural habitats for animals, farmland, and inconvenience (the countless people up the river who are being forced to relocate their lives). I am also touched and saddened by all of the history and culture that will be lost beneath the resevoir, but at the same time we should all be able to see that this decision was a difficult one, but the right one. I feel much sympathy for the communities which thrive on their own, and continue such ancient lifestyles that must leave their homes, but we must not forget the many countless lives lost during the floods. I believe the damn can be a blessing for China because it may be a solution to help control their fatal flooding, as well as a minor solution to their pollution problem. I am not at all "elated" about the damn being built, but at the same time, I cannot disagree with it either. Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.
Amsterdam The Netherlands
What we tend to forget is the main reason for this dam, the huge floodings of the Yangtze. The dam will cost around 30 billion dollars, the cost of the flooding in 1998 was around 28 billion dollars. Not to mention the thousands of lives it costed. I have made a 3 day trip over the Yangtze in 2001 between Chongqing and Yichang. The scenery is very beautiful and I hate to see it beeing wasted by the dam. But I can understand China that it wants to stop the huge floodings. Also, environmentalist should be happy with the clean production of electricity by the dam. Look at the smog around Chongqing which is produced by the coal plants they are using now. My only concearn is, what happens if this dam can't contain the mass of water it is trying to hold. If the dam breaks, this will be one of the largest disasters this planet has ever seen....
Sometimes developed countries forget the harm they did to their enviroment during their economic development. Now that they are economic leaders, they try to impose over everyone else their relativly knewfound ecologic scence. Would you live without a electricity for the sake of the dam? Or would you place nuclear power stations in heavely populated areas instead? What about not having a job? Maybe having 265 billion gallons of raw sewage blocked by the dam will force the development of water treatment in the area, as opposed to the current system of dumping it out to sea. Maybe being relocated to newer homes bettering life conditions for many is not so bad afer all.
I think that the dam is a good idea but it shouldn't take peoples homes. If it didn't take peoples homes it would still wouldn't help the enviroment because it might takes homes of endangered species or regular animals. Also in a way it might be easier to get electricity and to modernize their world and our world.
I have tried to settle many problems by coming up with reasonable answers and solutions. But this situation is just a little bit more complicated. I cannot just take one side of the argument. I understand both sides and the reasons for both sides of the battle are VERY reasonable. On the side of the angry people that do not want the dam built, I say that the people have a right not to want to move because their families have lived there for many, many generations and why should they give up a family tradition that goes way back just because the government wants to build a dam. I have been reading about this problem from many points of view and they both make sense and some of them make me very angry and upset. On the other hand, the government has a good reason to build this dam. They want to produce less pollution in China by building this dam. But do they realize what they are doing to China's wildlife? They are many types of living things that they themselves or their homes will be destroyed. I am very upset by this occurrence. I am a great animal lover. I have enjoyed talking to you about what I think.
Tony Kohout
Defiance Ohio
You people don't get it you should stop bilding the 3 gorges dam it is kill a lot of animals and making all of the old farts move from there homes where they have lived for like 400 years so stop building the dumb dam. You people should stop building the dam unless you don't like all of the little animals and plants that live around the dam.
I think that the dam is a necessity for the people of China. It's sad that so many people will have to be relocated, but for the country to thrive & prosper, it's necessary. I'm sure there will always be people that would love the river basin to remain unaltered, but I think we should try to harness this immense resource. Heck, if beavers can do it, why not man? I shudder to think what would the U.S. would be doing without some of our dams that were built back in the 30's. These structures have redefined and shaped the population distribution in our country for the past 70 plus years, but I wonder if anyone living today ever thinks about the sacrifices that those folks made way back then, or just takes for granted the benefits like it was a natural resource.
Tristen Forsgren
Richmond, Utah
I feel that this dam would help a lot of people in China's economy but it would do a lot more damage than good. Many people would lose their land and have to either go work in a factory of have different that may be bad soil that they can't grow anything in. How would you feel to be moved away from your home, just so they can build a dam? I know that I wouldn't like that.
It is sad to see such devastation taking place. I hope for China's sake the gain will outweigh the loss.
It will be built like it or not! The government of China does not care if one, two, or three million people are left homeless, when there are 1.2 billion people total. The Chinese government is the 800-pound gorilla, it does what it wants. Trying to protest in that country could land you in prison, or get you killed. The clean energy is a benefit, however, the money generated will be take precedence over the citizens wellbeing. The flood control is a benefit, particularly when 14 million were made homeless in 1998, that is more than the dam proposes to displace. I'm not sure this will be a good thing, but China has a way of bullying the world into allowing it to do what it wants, i.e. Taiwan, oops Chinese Taipei, so expect to see a grand celebration in 2009 when the dam opens!
I think that it should be built because it will stop the flooding, it can risists a 7.0 earthquake, it will stop the air being poluted in China. So thats why I think that they should build it.
Given the Chinese propensity for bribery, and the corruption that has already been uncovered in the construction of the dam, does anyone actual expect that the dam will be built to the proper engineering specifications, (quality of concrete, strength of steel/ rebar, quantity of rebar used, etc). Thus, since there is already some doubt as to whether the engineering is appropriate (earthquakes, sediment collections, etc, which assumes there are no quality control issues on construction), it seems highly likely that the dam will have considerable issues that will not be discovered until the dam is completed and the reservoir has filled.

(Does anyone remember the arrogance of the Russians in their construction of their nuclear power plants (i.e. Chernobyl), where the Western world's arguments were countered by the Russian engineers saying the western engineers did not know what they were talking about and that Russian engineering could easily handle the problem.

Remember, if the Dam breaks when the lake is full, the devastation will be immense, loss of life (will be in the millions)and like nothing seen since Noah's day. This devastation will cause damage all the way down to the ocean at Shanghai.

Is this construction risk worth it? Not if the damn breaks!!
i think this progect will cause great loss of lives, history and money. We must protect what history has not been destroyed.We must see through our greed of being first in line. And we must see through the attraction of money.
Wait a cotton-pickin' minute. Don't the Chinese already have about 30,000 plus dams that are in danger of collapsing (out of a total of 85,000 or so). Now they are building the largest such project in the world with untried sluice technology for the silt. I wish them well, but I would be a tad bit concerned for the millions of folks downstream.
I think that the damn project has pro's and con's like anything. It is a great leap for China both economically and for safety considering the amount of people who died and the amount of property damage that occurred because of the Yangtze flooding. And the power generation will have a long term positive affect on the environment.

Unfortunately this is at a great cost for past civilizations and for the everyday person who has little or no say in the matter. Many people will have to change there lifes, many animals will be drowned and geographical wonders will be buried forever.

But before we judge the Chinese government to harshly, remember that the same thing (on a much smaller scale) has happened more than once in America. Reservoirs through out the USA have submerged towns, relocated people and covered natural wonders of our own. Growing up in NY I know there is at least one town that was flooded for NYC reservoirs.

Also remember that if the US government reserves the right to relocate it's citizens for the greater benefit of it's people. So if the gov't wants to build a road or a damn near or on your property they can do it. You can protest but the gov't has the ultimate say and can relocate you.

In a perfect world we could stop flooding, generate clean power, preserve our natural wonders and keep the people happy. This isn't a perfect world. I can't say I have an opinion either way. But I do know one thing. Before the damn is completed in 2004 I want to see the people and towns that will be lost.
I think it is a waste of money seeing that it could all tumble to pieces.
it is to dangerous and could kill many people.
i think that it is a pretty good idea you know. the chinese just wanted to be noticed, but it is kinda selfish of them though. i mean i heard somewhere that they care more about what kind of benefits the dam wil bring than care aout the animals that will be extinct or the thousands of people that will have to be relocated to someother place in which the government won't help them to find another place to live in. well i am debating with someone about the building of the dam. well i don't think it's a good idea but if you think other wise e-mail me.
Bill Clinton
New York, New York
I would just like to say that America and all it's people agree that the Three Gorges Dam is a very, very bad idea. If you build this dam, all of China will be submerged in water and millions will have to evacuate their homes. Listen to my words and stop this evil thing. Thank you. Sincerely,
Bill Clinton
There are both good and bad aspects to building the dam. Of course there are! Maybe many animals will be killed, people forced to move from their home, histories destroyed...but China does need more electricity, that won't POLLUTE. And of course, the river flooding needs to be fixed, the river tamed. Wait a minute here....tamed? You cannot tame nature. In the end of course, you can beat it into submission or pave it over with asphalt. Haven't we done that enough? Don't you think it's time to let nature be nature, instead of trying to conquer the whole world? This may seem off track, but isn't this what it's about? China is trying to save money, and push itself forward in the new milennium. Possibily that could be a good thing. We will see, because the dam is already being built, and we do not know how the Chinese feel....
I think that the Chinese are going to be killed it they talk or timber, houses people , animales.
Alex Hileman
Apollo, Pa
I think the dam is good in a way, but bad in others. Why can't they hold off the construction for a while longer till there done exavating? They've been living without electricity for who knows how long, can't they wait another year? Sounds to me like now the Chinese are just getting greedy for $$$ now. (: Have a Nice day. :)
The Damn is a good thing for China in the long run, most see only the negitive effects in the short term. The country needs power and the power from the damn is clear power. This is not the first time a part of history is destroyed and it will not be the last. Who are we(the rest of the world) to tell China what to do in/with there own country.
de silva hazel deniece
hey there, i think building the dam is good yes, but there are going to be many negative effects such as the animals may perish and the people would have to move to another place which be of inconvenience to them. I really think that they should not build the damn DAM!!!!!! please would you inconsiderate people reconsider! how could you people be so heartless and not think of the people living there and the animals who may be endangered.. please think with your whole heart! u damn suckers
i thought that this site was cool but the dam is a pretty bad idea! i mean all the people have to abandon their homes and i don't think they'll make as much electricity as they hoped in the future because eventually the waters going to decrease. anyways thx to everyone who made this site! it's awesome! ciao!
Daniel chase
rochester minnesota
i think that they should not build the dam becouse the history and work that has been put into the village. they will be moving tons of people and thats just wrong

I cant believe China will be so stupid about such stuff. Many adorable animals and people will and maybe die! Even after the dam is built
I don't think that the dam should be built because of all of the animals and people that are going to have to be moved. One point two million people are going to have to be moved from there homes and many animals habitats will be covered in water. The dam will also will damage alot of beautiful landscape and plant life. If the dam is supposed to be stopping floods, then why is it covering homes and landscapes with water.
Amanda Everhart
I think that they shouldn't build it because many people will have to be resettled, and the animals that are extinct have a chance of dying because there habitats will be covered with water. Besides they may lose many tourists because the dam will cover many of China's most beautiful scenery. Building this dam will flush pollutants such as paper plant fuling to teh sea. The reservoir will probably just turn into a cesspool.
Kjerstin Jenson
Smithfield Utah
I think that they should not build the dam because it will force many people to relocate. Also it will have a horrible effect on the animals by ruining their habitats and such. Although it would have a great effect on the air pollution because of the reduction in the use of coal, oil, and N. Gas.
Cody Littlewood
Richmond, Utah
It's the best thing that could happen. The dam will provide power of coal that would only polute the air more than ever before. I hate tree huggers and they just want to have reasons for us normal people to not build our dam. What's their best excuse. It will kill trees? That's a load of crap. We have tons of better reasons for it. The dam will prevent flooding below. I'm all in favor for the dam. And since the dam is already being built they can boo hoo all they want but its being built.
Anthony Petroff
Richmond UT
Many people think this shouldn't be built. Why? When it is finished it will help the polution becouse , they won't have t burn so much coal. Yes, people will have to be resetleled but they have plenty of time and it is for a good couse.


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