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Independent Spirits
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The Filmmakers

Sybil DelGaudio and Patty Wineapple at work
L-R: Sybil DelGaudio and Patty Wineapple
Sybil DelGaudio

Sybil DelGaudio directed the four-part series ANIMATED WOMEN (ITVS, 1995). The series won recognition at many festivals and museums, and was honored with an Emmy Award and a CINE Golden Eagle. DelGaudio teaches film studies and production at Hofstra University, where she is professor and chair of the Department of Audio/Video/Film. She is a film historian whose reviews and articles are published widely, and she is a frequent speaker and panel moderator on topics relating to film theory and animation.

Patty Wineapple

CLIO Award-winner Patty Wineapple has been working in film and television production since 1967. Currently, she is vice-president and group executive producer at Grey Worldwide, New York, where she specializes in commercials that make use of animation. In 1980, she produced "SPFX-1138," a short film directed by Bob Balaban. In 1982, she produced "Broadway, My Street," a television special starring Jerry Ohrbach and Florence Henderson. She is also the series producer for ANIMATED WOMEN.

David Wolfert and Craig Hazen

As a team, David Wolfert and Craig Hazen scored the newly released independent feature, Double Parked, the Academy Award-nominated short "Speed for Thespians" and the theme song for the television series Animorphs. They have received numerous awards for their commercial work, including CLIOs and an Emmy.

David Wolfert is a composer, arranger, orchestrator, producer and instrumentalist who has worked in all areas of music, including records, films, advertising and television. His songs have been recorded by Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, and Dusty Springfield among many others. David has also worked as an arranger for recording artists such as Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Elton John and Johnny Cash. David serves on the Board of Directors of Songs of Love, a charity that writes original songs for severely and chronically ill children.

Craig Hazen is a composer and producer who has worked in film, television and advertising. His roots in the avant-garde were nurtured by his teachers Robert Ashley and Terry Riley (whose ensemble he performed in) and he has been responsible for co-writing and producing several trend-setting compositions in his work in advertising. Craig is the owner of the music production company Zen Music in New York City.

Dina Guttmann

Dina Guttmann has been editing verité documentaries for six years. She was an assistant editor on Cornerstone, a film following the Cornerstone Theater Company on its six-month adventure across the United States. She has also worked on such films as The Amato Opera and Out of the Past, which won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 1998.

Jim Connolly
Director of Photography

Jim Connolly has photographed documentaries and commercials for the past 20 years. He has also traveled throughout the world as a specialist in aerial and helicopter photography. He was second unit photographer on the feature films My Old Man and Dead in the Water. He has shot various episodes of the television series Tales from the Crypt and was the director of photography for the series ANIMATED WOMEN.

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