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Since the establishment of their independent animation studio Storyboard in 1955, the Hubley's completed 21 films together. After John's death in 1977, Faith continued to make 25 solo films until her passing in 2001. Here is an overview of their work.

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  Adventures Of An *

1956 Adventures Of An *
John and Faith Hubley

A baby, represented by the "*" symbol, enjoys the visual excitement of the world. As he grows, his appreciation dwindles. Then, as his child grows, the flame rekindles.

  Harlem Wednesday

1957 Harlem Wednesday
John and Faith Hubley

The paintings of Gregorio Prestopino convey the sights and sounds of a day in Harlem. Music by Benny Carter.

  Tender Game

1958 Tender Game
John and Faith Hubley

A stirring rendition of "Tenderly" provides the jazz improvisational backdrop for the age-old story of boy falling head over heels for girl. Music performed by Ella Fitzgerald and the Oscar Peterson Trio with Ray Brown and Herb Ellis.

1959 Moonbird
John and Faith Hubley

Two brothers hunt an imaginary bird in a magical nighttime adventure. Voices by two of the young Hubley children. Academy Award winner.

  The Tale of Old Whiff

1959 The Tale of Old Whiff
John Hubley

The only animated film done in Smell-O-Vision (actual odors were reproduced in the movie theater) accompanied the 70 mm feature olfactory film, Scent of Mystery.

  Children of the Sun

1960 Children of the Sun
John and Faith Hubley

The story of a healthy child who has enough to eat is juxtaposed with the story of an undernourished child representing three-fourths of the world's children. Features music performed by Pablo Casals and the Budapest String Quartet. Voices by the Hubley children.

  Of  Stars and Men

1961 Of Stars and Men
John and Faith Hubley

In this graphic and anecdotal exposition of human evolution, "Of Stars and Men" traces our history back from the tiniest microorganisms in the sea, and our first tentative steps on land, to our present place in time, space, matter and energy.

  The Hole

1962 The Hole
John and Faith Hubley

A dialogue between two demolition workers in New York leads to an argument about the laws of chance and the possibility of nuclear war. Improvised dialogue by jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie and actor George Matthews. Academy Award winner.

  The Hat

1963 The Hat
John and Faith Hubley

In an improvised dialogue, Dizzy Gillespie and Dudley Moore portray two soldiers patrolling the border between their countries. While one accidentally drops his helmet over the line, the other refuses to give it back, setting the scene for a witty exploration of world peace and world law.

  Tijuana Brass Double Feature

1965 Tijuana Brass Double Feature
John and Faith Hubley

A satiric visualization of two pieces by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, "Tijuana Taxi" and "Spanish Flea." Academy Award winner.


1966 Urbanissimo
John and Faith Hubley

An animated, comic allegory in which a runaway city on legs matches wits with a wily farmer. Music by Benny Carter.

  The Cruise

1966 The Cruise
John and Faith Hubley

A commentary on people, numbers and chance, this fable takes place on a cruise ship where everything is "just so" until a maverick passenger decides to scoff at the rules.

  Windy Day

1967 Windy Day
John and Faith Hubley

John and Faith's young daughters present a child's view of love, death and marriage.

  Of Men and Demons

1968 Of Men and Demons
John and Faith Hubley

When the gods of rain, wind and fire team up to ruin a simple farmer's tranquil life, the war is on between nature and machines. Music by Quincy Jones.


1969 Zuckerkandl
John and Faith Hubley

A tongue-in-cheek rendition about an obscure and unsung scholar who expounds upon the view that the anesthetized life is the best life, provides a satire on a life of apathy.

1970 Eggs
John and Faith Hubley

The Goddess of Fertility and her partner Death fight over the future of humankind until a whimsical Supreme Being intercedes.


1972 Dig
John and Faith Hubley

A boy and his dog take a wondrous trip under the earth's crust and through the geological eras of time. A children's introduction to geology in the form of a musical fantasy with music by Quincy Jones. Voices include Maureen Stapleton and Jack Warden.

1973 Cockaboody
John and Faith Hubley

Animation combines with the tape-recorded voices of two pre-school children (Emily and Georgia Hubley) to create an enduring portrait of a child's world.

  Voyage to Next

1974 Voyage to Next
John and Faith Hubley

Mother Earth (Maureen Stapleton) and Father Time (Dizzy Gillespie) narrate this animated plea for world cooperation and understanding.

  People People People

1975 People, People, People
John and Faith Hubley

An imaginative and engaging survey of the millions of people who have inhabited the United States, starting from 17,760 BC and proceeding to the present time.

  Women of the World

1975 W.O.W. (Women of the World)
Faith Hubley

After being diagnosed with "terminal" breast cancer, Faith completed her first solo film. This animated collage of world art presents a creative history of the earth from a feminist point of view.

  Everybody Rides the Carousel

1976 Everybody Rides the Carousel
John and Faith Hubley

Based on the writings of psychoanalyst Erik Erikson, "Carousel" invites the viewer along on eight rides through the different stages of life. The film reflects the inner feelings and conflicting emotions experienced during each stage of personality development.

  Second Chance

1976 Second Chance: Sea
Faith Hubley

A refreshing serenade to the sea, celebrating its glories while urging international responsibility in preserving our oceans.

  John Hubley died during heart surgery in 1977. Faith kept her promise with John to make an independent film each year. See Faith's Filmography from 1978-2001.


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