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Independent Spirits
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In Collaboration | Creative Partnerships

Creative Partnerships

The collaboration of creative couples like Faith and John Hubley have produced not only successful relationships but significant contributions to animation. Here's a look at some of these creative partnerships in love and work:

Le Chatcameleon
"Le Chatcameleon"
Gisele and Nag Ansorge

In 1952 Nag and Gisele Ansorge married and settled in Zurich, where Nag was working as a mechanical engineer. Inspired by the work of Jiri Trnka's The Old Czech Legends, they decided to become filmmakers. Their mediums include sand, powder and metal particles manipulated with magnets.

Joy Batchelor and John Halas

Joy Batchelor met John Halas at British Animated Films, where they worked together. They established Halas & Batchelor in 1940, which became one of the largest commercial animation studios in Britain during the post-war years. The studio later produced informational and educational films. Batchelor and Halas also animated many shorts, series, and features - their best known was 1954's Animal Farm.
still from Animal Farm
"Animal Farm"

Polka Graph
"Polka Graph"
Mary Ellen Bute and Ted Nemeth

In the mid-1930s, Mary Ellen Bute was the first American to make abstract motion pictures, and in the early 1950s the first person in the world to use electronic imagery in a film. Bute's introduction to Ted Nemeth led to a partnership (and marriage in 1940) that produced 12 short musical abstract films. Bute continued to make animated and live-action films until her death in 1983.

Sandra and Paul Fierlinger

Sandra and Paul Fierlinger have been collaborating on animation projects for the past twelve years. Together they created the Peabody Award-winning "Still Life with Animated Dogs," several films for Sesame Street and Nickelodeon, a TV feature film for American Playhouse and many TV commercials and industrial films.
Still Life with Animated Dogs
"Still Life with Animated Dogs"
The Last Air Raid Kumagaya
"The Last Air Raid Kumagaya"
Sayoko and Renzo Kinoshita

Fed up with drawing the same characters over and over again in an animation studio, Sayoko Kinoshita started making independent films with her husband Renzo (she produced, scripted and animated the films he directed). They founded the Hiroshima International Animation Festival in 1985. Renzo passed away in 1997. Sayoko is currently the festival's director.

Claire Parker and Alexandre Alexeieff

Russian-born Alexandre Alexeieff and the American Claire Parker are known best for their invention of the pinscreen technique. The pinscreen contains a large number of pins that can be pushed in or out to create variations from black to white, through various grays. They worked together on films produced in this method. Their partnership lasted over 50 years; Parker died in 1981, Alexeieff in 1982.
The Nose
"The Nose"

Bob and Margaret
"Bob and Margaret"
Alison Snowden and David Fine

Alison Snowden and David Fine met as students at the National Film and Television School in England in 1984. After graduation they worked together at the National Film Board of Canada. In the division of labor, Alison usually designs the characters and look of the film, but they share animation and direction. Creators of the Oscar-winning film "Bob's Birthday" and the TV series Bob and Margaret, they have worked together in London since 1989.

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"Animal Farm" (1954) Courtesy of Joy Batchelor and John Halas
"Polka Graph" (1952) Courtesy of William Moritz
"Still Life with Animated Dogs" (2001) Courtesy of ITVS
"The Last Air Raid Kumagaya" (1993) Courtesy of Sayoko Kinoshita
"The Nose" (1963) Courtesy of Cecile Starr
"Bob and Rosemary" (1987) Courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada

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