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Independent Spirits
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Mary Callan
If only other artists had the values and talent Faith and John showed. Where can I view their work? Are any of their films available on dvd or video? I would love to have them for my grandchildren.

Edward Shaw
About a year after this first aired I was flipping through channels when an animated clip caught my eye. It was oddly familiar, yet I was certain I had never seen it before. As I continued to watch this rebroadcast, every new clip seemed to bring me closer to something. "The Hole" was one I did remember, if only for the sound of Dizzy's voice paired with the animation, but it was the Sesame Street "I Want the Truth, Ruth" that flipped the switch. The "Letterman" segment brought back my childhood in a way that shone light on the path to my adulthood. It was as if someone had told me, "This is why you love Jazz today!" or, "This is why you love Expressionism!" or "This is why you have the socio-political views you have!" Today, as a teacher, I hope I influence at least one person in the way the Hubley's have influenced me.

David Rueckert
This website is a wonderful introduction to the Hubley's work and life story. I really would like to see the Independent Spirits film, but it never seems to be playing on any of the stations near me in Virginia (and rarely elsewhere that I can see in your listings). I have emailed several local stations and they say they have no plans to show it.

Is anything being done to get better distribution so that I might be able to see this film sometime? As an animation teacher, I would really like to have more background knowledge about the Hubleys. I think their independent approack is an interesting work option students should know and consider.

In answer to your above questions- there is so much amazing animation being produced today by the many large studios that the quality bar is raised very high, even in commercial efforts. While I admire the Hubleys independent approach and agree that at times money concerns can negatively effect artistic quality, Dreamworks, Hayao Miyazaki, Mamoru Oshii, Don Bluth, Bob Sabiston, Klasky-Csupo, Pixar, National Film Board of Canada Independents, even Disney create some amazing works. Among my favorite animators working today is Aardman Studios. They are certainly becoming a large studio but buck the current CGI trend, continuing to do substantial amounts of stop-motion work. The storytelling and quality of animation in their films such as Wallace and Grommit is excellent, as is the work in many of their commercial advertiseme nts. To my mind thier animated advertising work is so imaginative and entertaining that it proves not all commercial work is artless - at times it is possible to do good, artistic work even if you get paid well for it.

Michael Sporn
This is a wonderful website. Congratulations. As an independent animator, whenever I get down about the work and the money and the pressure, I can check in here to be reminded of the glory that two people did with these very same problems. A little bit of THE HAT or URBANISSIMO or MOONBIRD will get me a long way.

Dave Faloon
I was moved by the Hubley's persevering dedication to their animations. In a world driven by commerce and profit, their work and their lives seem so brave. I hope I�ve learned a little something from them (I think I have). Cheers to John and Faith!

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