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The Film

About the Filmmakers

Pham Quoc Thai and Janet Gardner


Janet Gardner is an award-winning documentary producer known for her work on Southeast Asia. Her most recent film was Dancing Through Death: The Monkey, Magic & Madness of Cambodia, a documentary on the devastating effect of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge reign on Cambodian dancers and their centuries-old tradition of storytelling. Other films include the PBS documentary A World Beneath the War, which showed the Vietnam War from the villagers' point of view; Vietnam: Land of the Ascending Dragon, which provided an overview of Vietnamese history and culture from post-war Vietnam to the present; The United Nations: It's More Than You Think; and two series on runaway children, Children of the Night and Starting Over.

Ms. Gardner's interest in Southeast Asia began when she covered post-war Vietnam as a reporter for two New Jersey dailies and contributed to The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Nation. She began her career as a film editor at NBC's Today Show and WRC's News4 Washington, and field produced for WNBC's NewsCenter 4. In 1980, as a staff writer at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, she traveled to Canada to interview war resisters who crossed the border during the Vietnam War.


Pham Quoc Thai came to the United States in 1971 to attend the State University of New York at Buffalo. He joined The Gardner Documentary Group as an assistant producer in 1992 for the production of Vietnam: Land of the Ascending Dragon. As an associate producer, he collaborated with The Gardner Documentary Group on A World Beneath the War, a PBS special about the secret tunnels of Vietnam. The program won a Silver Apple at the National Educational Film & Video Festival, was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Historical Programming and won the Deadline Club Award from the New York City chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. It was broadcast worldwide by Discovery International.

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