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Websites and Organizations

One of the largest family Web sites for adoption, features personal stories, information on how to adopt, special needs issues, health and medical information, and more. The site includes an online newsletter, mailing list, suggested books and articles.

Adopted Vietnamese International
AVI's site provides articles on international adoption law, searching for birth parents, and U.S. and Vietnamese government contact info, as well as links to orphan help organizations and an extensive reading list of books relevant to adoptees.

Vietnamese Adoptee Network, Inc.
To serve its goal "to network as many Vietnamese adoptees as possible, young and old, from the War generation, to today's generations," VAN keeps a confidential adoptee directory, welcomes journal entries and poems relating to Vietnamese adoption, and posts listings from both adoptees looking for their birth parents and birth parents searching for biological children.

Adopt Vietnam
An extensive collection of over 200 articles on adopting children from Vietnam. Written by professionals and parents, topics include post-adoption parenting, travel tips and information on Vietnamese culture as well as links to support groups. Adoption
This site contains hundreds of links to an eclectic array of resources, from information on Adoption Awareness Month to updates on international law. Highlights include links to adopting from Vietnam.

Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America
Billed as a "one-stop information source on the historical, political, social, economic, and cultural elements and issues that make up today's diverse Asian American community," Asian-Nation features a section on multiracial and adopted Asians, which includes census data, immigration stats and information on the prejudices and challenges that mixed-race Asians face.
This site, created and maintained by a Babylift adoptee, is dedicated to the children who were part of Operation Babylift and those who helped them to safety. It includes stories and photos from the 1975 rescue.

Mam Non
Mam Non aims to promote communication between the adoption and Vietnamese communities. The site features an adoptee pen pal program and email forums, as well as feature stories and links.

Families with Children from Viet Nam
FCV is a national support group that spotlights the progress and accomplishments of families who have adopted from Viet Nam. The site facilitates opportunities for families to meet for support, education and fun, and includes a photo gallery, email referral listings, and FCV chapter information.

Catalyst Foundation
Catalyst Foundation promotes public awareness and advocacy for adoptions of orphaned and abandoned Vietnamese children. Provides direct relief for orphans including medical supplies, clothing and educational supplies.
An international adoption publication with resources and articles on the process of adopting children from all over the world.


When You Were Born In Vietnam: A Memory Book for Children Adopted from Vietnam by Therese Bartlett, with photographs by William Bartlett (St. Paul: Yeong & Yeong, 2001).

The War Cradle by Shirley Peck Barnes (Denver: Vintage Pressworks, 2000).

"The Legacy of Operation Babylift" by Allison Martin from the March 2000 issue of Adoption Today.

Yeong and Yeong Book Company is an independent publisher specializing in books on Asian adoption.

Adoption from Viet Nam Books has in-depth bibliographies and book reviews.


In chronicling her experiences as a South Korean adopted by a white American family, the filmmaker unites her biological and adoptive families, telling a universal story about living with paradox and navigating the tricky terrain of love and family. The web site includes adoption stories and an educational guide. An ITVS / NAATA co-presentation featured on P.O.V.

Companion Web site to the documentary profiling three American families brought together - and sometimes pushed apart - by transracial adoption. Includes a resource section of Web sites, books and magazines on transracial adoption and race and identity.

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