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STORE WARS: When Wal-Mart Comes To Town


The Filmmakers

Micha Peled <>

Micha Peled was born and raised in Israel and is one of the few people who has arrived in the United States by hitchhiking. Peled has worked as an importer of hammocks and sheepskin jackets, a tutor, a prison guard, a freelance journalist, a Nuclear Freeze staffer and the manager of a winning political campaign. He has guided adventure trips into the jungles of Thailand and Brazil, and published a slim volume of fiction, The Fisherman and the Nymph. In 1992, Peled left his job as director of Media Alliance, a media watchdog group, to become a full-time filmmaker. His first-person documentary, Will My Mother Go Back to Berlin?, has won awards on both sides of the Atlantic. He produced three versions of Inside God's Bunker, which aired on television in 15 countries in Europe, Australia and Japan. You, Me, Jerusalem was the first Israeli-Palestinian co-directed film, which Peled also produced. All of Peled's films have aired on PBS. They have been exhibited in numerous film festivals around the world, including Berlin, Rotterdam, Marseilles, Amsterdam, Montreal, Hawaii, the Human Rights Film Festival in New York, the San Antonio Festival of Latin Cinema and the Philippines Centennial Celebration of Cinema. Peled also produced television magazine segments for U.S., French and German television and a few independent video shorts. STORE WARS was awarded the Golden Gate Award from the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Allen Moore

For over 25 years Allen Moore has been active as an independent filmmaker, producing, directing, photographing and editing his own documentary work. Most recently, Moore has served as a director of photography for several of Ken Burns' historical films shown on PBS, including The Civil War, Thomas Jefferson and Lewis and Clark. Moore's most recent film, A Sheepherder's Homecoming, was completed in 1996. He received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Cinematography for his work on Ken Burns' series Baseball in 1995, and an Emmy nomination for his cinematography work on the American Experience series New York in 2000. Moore has been a recipient of fellowships and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Maryland State Arts.

Ken Schneider

Ken Schneider has edited numerous PBS documentaries, including Academy Award-nominated Regret To Inform; Ancestors In America, Part 2: Chinese In The Frontier West (ITVS); The Good War And Those Who Refused To Fight It (ITVS); and Making Peace (ITVS). He co-produced and edited Born In The U.S.A. (ITVS), was editor of Frontline's Columbia-DuPont winning School Colors, and was sound and assistant picture editor for the national Emmy-winning Last Images Of War. He has taught video production and editing at the City College of San Francisco.

Monica Lam
Associate Producer

Monica Lam has been researching and producing documentaries for PBS for the past 5 years. Credits include In Search Of Law And Order, about the American juvenile justice system, and Citizen Hong Kong, an examination of cultural change in Hong Kong. She is currently producing educational films for Stanford University.

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