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STORE WARS: When Wal-Mart Comes To Town


Small Towns

Ashland home, girl with american flags, kids watching parade
Fourth of July parade, Ashland, VA

To an outsider, the United States might bring to mind the cosmopolitan sophistication of New York City, the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon or even the glitzy excesses of Las Vegas and Hollywood. But what traditionally marks the character of America is its small towns and the people who inhabit them.

Small town America fosters a unique sense of place, evoking images of kids riding bicycles on tree-lined streets, homespun parades and neighbors who know each other by name. Citizens take pride in their neighborhoods, and democracy in action is often lively because in close-knit communities, individuals can make a difference by taking part in the system. Ashland, Virginia is one such quintessentially American town.

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