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Test of Courage



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Terry Saunders
Terry Saunders
Frank Tijiboy
Frank Tijiboy
Brendan Dunham
Brendan Dunham

It was affirmative action that got me into college. And we still live in a society that's not on an even playing field for women, for minorities... it's just not. But know I sometimes feel I'm on the other side of the coin, because I'm not a woman.
- Terry Sanders

Yes I am, I am Hispanic. But I'm not relying on getting hired because I'm a minority. I'm doing the same thing as everybody else. I'm going to college, taking the right fire classes that need to be taken. I'm taking all my requirements and I'm doing as much as everybody else, if not more...
- Frank Tijiboy

I've tested everywhere from Beverly Hills to Seattle, Washington. The firefighters I've talked to say, "you're not gonna get hired, you're a white male."
- Brendan Dunham

A theme often visible in TEST OF COURAGE, is the issue of cultural and gender diversity. The film asks us to consider what role diversity does (and should) play in the selection of candidates, and what role diversity plays in the integration of new recruits into the ranks and culture of a fire department which prides itself on camaraderie, merit and courage. For the new generation of Oakland firefighters, we see how one of the most profound tests of their courage will come when the new ideals of diversity are tested in the daily reality of firehouse life, and that moment of ultimate truth and trust when they have to put their lives in each others' hands.

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