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Do you have what it takes to be a firefighter?

If you've seen TEST OF COURAGE, you know that it's not easy. A strong desire to serve your community and a willingness to risk your life is important - but it's not enough. You must also go through rigorous testing to see if you have the "right stuff" for the job.

According to an academy instructor, to be eligible to enter the Oakland Fire Academy training program you must take a three-part examination: the written test, a physical agility test and an oral exam in front of a panel or board.

And that's not all...

Once you've passed those tests, there's a background investigation, a psychological suitability assessment, a medical exam and an interview with the fire chief.

Here are some sample questions and excerpts from both the written and physical tests. See if you have what it takes!

This sample written test was excerpted with permission from the official Entry Firefighter Candidate Preparation Booklet, prepared by Cooperative Personnel Services. They suggest that you study and review the material carefully. Excerpts from the Physical Agility Test were provided by the Oakland Fire Services Agency, Training Division.

Have fun and good luck!

Entry-level Firefighter Tests
Choose a section of the firefighter's test and begin the challenge!

Mechanical and Three-Dimensional Diagrams

Getting Along with Others in a Community Situation

Understanding Written Firefighting Material

Understanding Oral Information


The Physical Agility Test

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