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DIRECTIONS: Firefighters spend long periods of time living and working together as members of a team. It is important that every member of the team be skilled in dealing effectively with fellow employees. The following questions are designed to measure your ability to get along with people.

Why? This section of the test measures a candidate's interpersonal skills and ability to get along with others in a community living situation.

Entry-level firefighter tests


Mechanical and Three-Dimensional Diagrams

* Understanding Written Firefighting Material

* Mathematics

* Understanding Oral Information

* The Physical Agility Test

Assume that you have been assigned to work with another person with whom you cannot get along. As a result, neither one of you can do good work. The best thing for you to do would be to

a. ask your captain to let you work with some other worker.
b. work with him as well as you can and say nothing about the matter to your captain.
c. work with him as well as you can, but tell your captain that you do not get along well together.
d. explain the situation to the other workers and secure their suggestions as to what you should do.


As a newly appointed firefighter, you can best establish friendly relations with your fellow workers by

a. being interested and cooperative in the performance of the work.
b. taking every opportunity to prove how quickly you are learning your work.
c. asking to be allowed to do those tasks that you can do better than they can.
d. refusing to perform difficult tasks for which you feel that you are not qualified.


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