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Test of Courage



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The following contains a sample oral passage and questions. These examples are parallel to the items in the actual test, however, the sample oral passage is shorter in length than the actual oral passages used for the tests.

To take this section of the test, have someone print-out and read the following passage to you and then answer the questions that follow.

Why? Understanding Oral Information is designed to measure the candidate's ability to comprehend information presented orally.

Entry-level firefighter tests


Mechanical and Three-Dimensional Diagrams

* Understanding Written Firefighting Material

* Mathematics

* Getting Along with Others in a Community Situation

* The Physical Agility Test

Welcome to our orientation meeting for new firefighter recruits. Congratulations on your appointment as a probationary firefighter. You are to report to Captain Pat Campbell in Room 135 at 0745 hours Monday morning for the first day of your eight-week training academy. Sometime during the first week on the job, report to Terry Rodriguez in the personnel office. He will want you to complete some forms for their records. Mr. Rodriguez will want your social security number and a copy of your driver's license. Your working hours during the first week of training will be Monday through Friday from 0730 to 1630 hours with a one-hour lunch break. You will be paid time and a half for all overtime required including Sundays. For the first twelve months on the job you will be on probationary status during which time you are not eligible for a vacation. After that time you will be allowed 10 working days vacation and 12 working days sick leave each year in addition to specified holidays.

DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions based on the material just read to you.

To whom are you to report to work on the first day of your training academy?

a. Captain Pat Campbell
b. Training Officer Pat Campbell
c. Terry Ramirez, Personnel Analyst
d. Terry Rodriguez, Personnel Specialist


What is the maximum time allowed for your lunch break?

a. 30 minutes
b. 45 minutes
c. one hour
d. one hour and 15 minutes


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