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Test of Courage



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Firefighter's Diary
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Frank TijiboyTo me it's a rush.  I go to a fire and I'm 
just so pumped up.  When I get off that 
engine and I see smoke and I'm gonna 
go inside, I don't think of 'oh you know 
this is dangerous.'  No, I think 'let's go 
inside, let's kick the door down, let's 
have some fun.

Frank Tijiboy was selected for the Oakland Fire Department Academy and currently serves proudly in the Department. During the 18-month probationary period, he kept a log of daily calls. Here are some excerpts and highlights from this firefighter's daily log.

June 4, 1998 - STATION 8
[time] 0800 Roll Call

[time] 0900-1200 to Drill Tower for 3-month phase check. [When recruits are on probation, there are tests at 6, 12 and 18 months.] Everything went fine.

RESPONSE: [time] 1525 Engine to 48th St. for EMS. Emergency Medical Service for female, age 60, choking. No aid needed. Patient had cleared throat prior to arrival.

FIRST FIRE RESPONSE: [time] 16:55 Engine and Truck to 47th St. for structure fire. Room and contents - downstairs apt. Fire extended to 2nd floor. Engine used: 100' 3" [hose 100 feet long, 3 inches wide, hooked from hydrant to engine] and 600' 1/2" [attack line 600 feet long, one-half inch wide, - used to go from engine to inside of building]. Truck used 22' ladder, 3 MSA [air tanks], blower saws and miscellaneous tools. I was first in with the nozzles. Pulled 150' 1/2" hose. Went to top floor masked. Smoke was black and thick. It got too hot, so we pulled out and got pike poles to break out windows for ventilation. Truck crew cut hole in roof. Smoke cleared and we saw that fire was behind us. I knocked it down and pulled ceilings and found fire up there. Fire was hard to find. It got into walls. I also did some axe work on the roof and a lot of overhaul. Great first fire.

RESPONSE: [time] 2020 Engine to Highway 24 @ 51st St. off-ramp. Semi-truck leaking diesel. Assisted with clean-up. Used Absorb-All.

RESPONSE: [time] 0228 Engine to 44th St. for EMS. Emergency Medical Service for male, age 68. Possible stroke. Used O2 [air]. Transported to Kaiser Hosptial via AMR [American Medical Response ambulance].

May 20, 1998 - STATION 17
[time] 0800 Roll Call

RESPONSE: [time] 0814 To Pleither Ave. for unconscious person. Found 62 year-old female down. AMR [ambulance] determined death in the field. Body released to OPD [Oakland Police Dept.] Family was very hurt. Woman seated in bedroom in recliner chair. Tried to be supportive to distraught family.

RESPONSE: [time] 1222 To Davenport Ave. for ringing alarm system accidentally set off by worker.

SHOP: [time] 1355 Eng. 2557 deferred to corporate yard for approx. 30 minutes to pick up spare chief's car #026.


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