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Test of Courage



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Where are they now?

After rigorous testing and training, Tina Moore, Frank Tijiboy and Bao To are now firefighters with the Oakland Fire Department. Here's what has happened to some of the candidates in TEST OF COURAGE since the filmmakers finished shooting in mid-1999.


My dad once said, "why don't you consider being a firefighter, it's a good job." And I'm like "man are you crazy?" But secretly it did appeal to me...

While waiting to hear from the Oakland Fire Services Agency, Terry obtained his paramedic's license to increase his chances of becoming a firefighter. In August 1999 his wish came true when he was recruited for the third academy class. Terry got married the day before academy instruction began and has nearly completed his 12-month probationary period as a rookie firefighter.


I think I finally figured out that there's more to a job than just being a job, and [I'm] going after a career that is so much a representation of who I am.

Chandra is enjoying her new job as an animal control officer with the Oakland Police Department. "I like working with the public and animals, I don't like being cooped up. I like situations where I am rescuing animals. I'm still in the field of public service and this is the closest thing I can get to [firefighting] now."


I've tested everywhere from Beverly Hills to Seattle, Washington - the firefighters I've talked to say "you're not gonna get hired, you're a white male, so you know, good luck..."

Brendan got married in 1996. He continues to work at the Berkeley Public Library.

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