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Test of Courage



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Round Rock, Texas

I've always loved Firefighters, since I was a child. I am now 41 and willlove them till the day I die.
Way before 9/11/01 and will be way after.
They never judge.You could be the worst scum of the earth, or the best person in the world,and they would save you no matter what; because that is what they do.

I always give them credit.

Saskatoon, Canada

I know some firefighters and feel that they do an excellent job. Theyhave more courage than most people and aren't scared to tackle anysituation or disaster. This was very evident in NEW YORK recently, but Ifeel pertains to all firefighters. One thing that concerns me is thefuture health of the firefighters. In most situations, they aren'twearing masks (such as the TV clips in NEW YORK) and breathe many harmfulfumes and toxins for many years. This definitely will take a toll ontheir health in years to come and hope that they are adequatelycompensated for not only putting their lives in jeopardy daily but alsotheir health.

Seymour Martin
Pohnpei Island, Federated

I personally think that firefighters are both lifesafing and hardworkingheroes. There is no doubt in my mind that it is the best job in the worldand I say this because there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding thansaving a person, a pet, or a property. I sure pray and hope that somedaya profession like this would be available in my home country. I amcurrently pursuing a career in the Montgomery Fire and Rescue Departmentin Maryland. It is a multiple-step process and I intent to do everythingit takes to get in the program. I have succefully passed the written examand am preparing myself for the oral interview on September 21. Thedocumentary was helpful in that it gave me some idea of how to preparemyself mentally and physically. Firefighting career requires a great dealof courage, strength (mentally/physically), and determination and Ibelieve I have them all. The fact that I'm a minority doesn't mean Ican't get the job done. After all, this is a free country. I want to bea firefighter.
If you are a firefighter or have experience in the firedepartment, pleaseemail me your comments or advise at Thank you and Kalahngan. May the good spirit bewith you all.

Antwerp, Belgium

As you all probably know, yesterday was a black day for Figherfighters and rescue workers in New York. The New York fire brigade is now, more then 24 hours after the disaster, still missing about 300 firefighters from wich they expect a greater part to be killed.

Because of this I openend a Firefighter memorial page @ . Please forward this address to all your firefighting friends.

kind regards,

De Roos Kevin
Fire Dept.Antwerp (Belgium)

ps : this page ( has no commercial purpose !

Meredith Dunn
Hickory North Carolina

You know I have a brother who is now 31 years old. He has wanted to be afireman from age 2.My mom would take him to the Firhouse all the time inDavie, FLorida.
When he was 20 years old,my brother became a Fireman for Davie, FLorida.I am going to tell you that he is the best FireFighter there is inFlorida. Not because he is my brother,but because I heard a lot of goodthings about David also.
My brother put his Ex-Wife through FireFighting School. She had to doeverything a Man would do,and she did it well Women if they have the desire,they can be just as good as a Man. My brother saved my life because he knew what to do. I was about tocommitte Suicide.
He has jumped in lakes after people who are stuck in cars to save them.He does it without thinking twice.
Firemen risk their lives for others. They are a hero in my book. Theyshould be a hero Man or Women in anyone's book. Yes they go to school andthat is their job. However if it was not for people going to school tolearn to fight fires big and small and save lives, where would we be today? We would be dead trying to save our own life.

Thankyou to all of the Firemen and Firewomen who work so hard to protectus today.
Thanks David for protecting Davie Florida.
You are a good Big Brother . I love you .

David Chase
puyallup washington

my career dream all my life is to become a firefighter. i dream about it 24/7. i also want to become a teacher too. this site helped me out alot about the life of firefighting and i still strive to become one!

Fire Career Assistance

Great show!!! We don't know what we'd do without our PBS.
Web site:

Leading job notification service featuring firefighter employment,Paramedic positions, EMT careers, Public Safety openings. FREE testingtips, employment openings, employer job postings. Helping Firefighters,future Firefighters, Paramedics & EMT's find jobs


I was flipping through the TV Guide and noticed the word "firefighter," soI decided to watch Test of Courage and it really made me wonder if I couldever really become a firefighter. I've learned that there is a lot ofmental stress not only from the job itself, but also from the genderfactor. I admire women firefighters *so* much. They're my heroes. My otherheroes are the men who do not discriminate against them as "the weakersex," especially on the job. They all have but one objective, and that isto save lives. Wow. If you think about it, isn't that incredible? I'm awed.

Diana Y. Watkins
Marq. Hts. Illinois

I have reviewed the content of the "Test of Courage" documentory. I'm gladto see an open minded view of the many types of people that contribute tothe Fire Service Profession. As a ten year volunteer I have seen many changes in the fire service. I have found that every person on our department has a lot to offer.

Although physical strength is important, it's not the only thing you have to have to be successful. Knowing your limits and those of your coworkers is the best way to apply everyone at a scene to get the job done safely. Use the assets brought by everyone and the whole team will be the winner.

A personnal responsibility comes with the job as well, apply your assets, know your limits, and always strive to give your best. With these efforts will come respect and success.

Fire fighting is not for just anyone. It requires a lot of commitment and hard work. I salute all my brothers and sisters in the Fire Service, for they are truly a special breed.

Diana Y. Watkins
Assistant Chief
Marquette Heights Fire & Rescue

Andrew Kapanoske

I have thought about being a fire fighter before, but then i thought maybenot. There are a lot of risks involved but thats what i think would makeit fun! I'm 14 and im looking for some jobs and i might join my localvolienteer fire department, I'm not quite sure though. I want to know whatyou think so e-mail me to tell me! Thank you !


I think that people who have enough courage to be fire fighters are great.I think helping people is the best thing ever!

Carencro, LA.

It's good to inform the public about this noble profession. These firefighters are giving much to protect life and property. I do disagree withaffirmative action in this profession. The firefighter must study hardand practice constanly to be promoted to higher ranks. I started at thebottom of the dept. and worked my way up. No politics or connectionsnecessary thanks to a good civil service system. I retired as chief of thedept. Every man in my dept. was treated alike and had the sameopportunities. All fire fighters who give their best to the profession areA-1 . Too bad PBS is broadcasting here in the wee hours of the morning.

Bellbrook, OH

After having finished up my prob. period at a small town department i amproud to say that i volunteer for the best job in the world. I enjoy theadventure so much that i am even attending college to get a fire sciencedegree. Hats off to all of my brothers and sisters, let's busting ours tosave someone elses...and let's be safe about it!

Texarkana. Texas

Test of Courage was a wonderful documentary. I salute our country's firefighters. I applaud the Oakland fire department in their efforts toachieve more ethnic diversity. I don't know if our city has any minorityfire fighters.Affirmative action is a big issue these days. I don'tbelieve that any unquailfied person should ever recieve a job.I do believethat every qualified person should have a "fair" chance at a job. I reallyfelt the pain of the women applicants who failed to make the cut.I havehad to endure the same kind of pain. I am in a male dominated profession.I am a pastor in the Methodist church. Sisters be encouraged.
Thanks again

geoff cowie
edmonton, alberta, canada

i just watched your show, and thought that it was probably the besttelevision that have seen in a very long time. i hope to be, or to try andbe, a firefighter one day, and partake in this honourable proffession justas my grandfather did, so many years ago, for DOW chemical. thanks for theencouagment. maybe someday i ll be part of the "F.D." brotherhood!
the canuck

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