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Alien - A foreign-born resident who has not been naturalized and is still a subject or citizen of a foreign country.

Day laborer - One who does short-term (even daily or hourly) work, often with undocumented immigration status.

Green Card - A permit allowing an immigrant to live and work indefinitely in the U.S.

Immigrant - A person who enters and usually becomes established in a region or country where one is not a native.

INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service, the United States government bureau charged with enforcing immigration law.

Migrant - A person who moves from one country, place or locality to another.

Refugee - One who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution.

Sweatshop - Workplaces, usually industrial, that often operate under unsafe and illegal working conditions.

Undocumented immigrant - A person who comes to a country without the legal permission of its government. The expression "illegal alien" is considered a pejorative.

Xenophobia - (pronounced zee-no-FO-bee-ah; from the Greek: xeno: stranger; phobia: fear) Fear and hatred of strangers and foreigners.

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