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Welcome to the Club

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rockin' fashion Wanda Jackson

I wanted to look like a lady, but cause a little stir, too.- Wanda Jackson

The cutting-edge rockabilly costumes worn by women in the 1950s made shocking statements for the time. The bold fashions spoke volumes, reflecting the fire, energy and nonconformity of their pioneering music.

While other performers stood demurely at the microphone wearing gingham dresses, Charline Arthur wore pants and leapt from stage amplifiers. Wanda Jackson wore a tight-fitting sheath with short silk fringe that shimmied when she moved. When Rose Maddox donned her lavishly embroidered, body-hugging dresses, the "outrageous" costumes got her kicked off the Grand Ole Opry stage.

Got a passion for rockin' fashion? Dress up a sassy rockabilly gal with "cut outs" based on authentic clothing from the '50s.

Dress 'er up

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