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Meet the Students - Americans

South African StudentsSenegalese Students

Wendell, 17 years old

Wendell, 17 years old, Hispanic/Thai Descent (Miami, Florida)---Wendell has been immersed in languages since elementary school. He speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. Wendell comes from a culturally mixed family---his father is from Guatemala of Hispanic descent; and his mother is from Thailand of Chinese descent. Wendell is a sophomore at Florida International University in Miami.

Scott, 15 years old

Scott, 15 years old, African American (Chicago, Illinois)---Scott was a high school sophomore at the start of the documentary. He considers himself to be a fast learner and "able to do just about anything I put my mind to." Scott is very interested in African tribe culture and learned a great deal about African life while in Senegal. After returning from Goree Island, Scott received a scholarship to attend Saint Albans School in Washington D.C. where is in the eleventh grade.

Elli, 18 years old

Elli, 18 years old, Asian America (San Francisco, California)---Elli comes from San Francisco where she was very active in school government and president of her senior class. She loves outdoor activities including hiking, rockclimbing and roller-blading. Elli has a mixed ethnic background of German, Japanese and Chinese, which has allowed her to experience several different cultures and their traditions. Elli is a sophomore at Connecticut College and has just spent a semester studying in India and South Africa.

Sarah, 16 years old

Sarah, 16 years old, White (Birmingham, Alabama)---Sarah was a junior in high school when the documentary began. She is an avid sports fan and sports editor of her high school newspaper. She is also active in community service and especially enjoys working with kids. Sarah has been involved in studying issues of inequality, race and ignorance. Sarah is currently a freshman at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

South African StudentsSenegalese Students


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