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Just One Night Script
Television is more than what you see on your screen, it involves hours of planning, and writing as well as shooting.  Below you will find the working script for Just One Night, it will give you some idea of what goes into the making of a television program.

Key production terms you'll find in the script: 
INT - interior shot - A shot taken inside.
EXT - exterior shot - A shot taken outside.
B-Roll - video with narration, natural sound, or music under it.
A-Roll - video of interview subject
V/O - voiceover or narration with  B-roll video
Prologue Scene 5 - A Whole New World
Scene 1 - Who's Tom Boyle Scene 6 - For Better or Worse
Scene 2 - Accidents Will Happen Scene 7 - The End?
Scene 3 - Family Matters Epilogue
Scene 4- The Letter of the Law