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Film Credits  |  Web Credits

Film Credits

Managing Director, BYU Broadcasting: John Reim
Development: Derek Marquis
Marketing/Promotions: Jim Bell
Marketing/Promotions: Catherine Langford
Closed Captioning: Scott Haycock
Graphics: Bryan Mangum
Producer: Sterling VanWagenen
Producer/Director: Matt Whitaker
Content Advisor: Todd Manwaring
Content Advisor: Warner Woodworth

Web Credits

General Manager, New Media: Chris Twitty
Web Productions Manager: Mark Mitchell
Web Developer: Aaron Hardy
Web Developer: Ben Lemmon
Web Developer: Stephen West
Web Developer: Craig Baker
Writer & Editor: Todd Manwaring
Writer & Editor: Warner Woodworth
Writer & Editor: Brenley Burton
Research Assistant: Aaron Miller
Research Assistant: Aida Perez-Gomez
Research Assistant: Loretta Monareng
Research Assistant: Rachel Magelby
Research Assistant: Melanie McCubbins

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Small Fortunes premiered October 27, 2005
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