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Chasing the Sun
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Companies - Airbus Industrie
Aviation Now - "Airbus vs. Boeing Hits New Highs (747 vs. A380)"
European Aeronautic Defence and Space

Companies - American
American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum
American Airlines Flight Service History

Companies - Boeing
The Boeing Company -- History

Companies - Douglas Aircraft
American Aircraft of WWII
Boeing Company's History of Douglas Aircraft

Companies - Eastern
AvStop Magazine - Eastern Airlines

Companies - Pan Am
AvStop Magazine - Pan Am
Boston Magazine: "Air Apparent"
Pan Am I, II & III
Pan American World Airways
Pan American World Airways - "Creation of the 747"
The History & Future of Flight Safety International by A.L. Ueltschi
University of Miami Richter Library

Companies - TWA
American Airlines/TWA Merger
Aviation Now -- American TWA Deal Approved
AvStop Magazine - TWA
TWA History

Companies - United
Aviation Now -- United & U.S. Air Merger
Clipped Wings - Former United Flight Attendants
United Airlines History
United Airlines' Merger with U.S. Air

Innovators - Anne Morrow Lindbergh
National Aviation Hall of Fame
New York Times Interview, May 8, 1977 - "Life with Lindy"
Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum - Excerpts of "Gift from the Sea"
The American Experience
The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation

Innovators - Antoine de Saint Exupery
The Little Prince - Chapter by Chapter
The Little Prince - Saint-Exupery Bio
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Innovators - Charles Lindbergh
C.A.L./N-X-211 Collectors Society
Las Vegas Strip Historical Site - Howard Hughes
National Aviation Hall of Fame - Charles Lindbergh
The American Experience - Charles Lindbergh
The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation
The New York Times Archives - Charles Lindbergh
Time Magazine - "Lindbergh and the Spirit of Air Travel"
Time Magazine 100: Heroes & Icons - Charles Lindbergh
Two Legends of Aviation - Charles Lindbergh

Innovators - Dean Smith
Air Mail Pioneers
First Flight Covers
Historic Wings - Air Mail: Flights of Courage
Jesse Davidson Aviation Archives - Air Mail Pilots
Smithsonian National Postal Museum - Early Air Mail Pilots
The American Experience Wayback: Scare Mail

Innovators - Donald Douglas
Airlift/Tanker Association - Donald Douglas
All Star Network - Donald Douglas
Donald W. Douglas' Induction into First Flight Shrine
Historical Society of Southern California - Donald Douglas
National Aviation Hall of Fame - Donald Douglas
The Boeing Company - Donald Douglas

Innovators - Ellen Church
AvStop Magazine Online
Ellen Church on United Website
The First Stewardesses: Harriet Fry Iden, 1930
The Town of Cresco, Iowa: Ellen Church
United Airlines: Flight Attendant History, 1926 - 1933

Innovators - Frank Lorenzo
AvStop Magazine - Continental Airlines
AvStop Magazine - Frank Lorenzo
The Handbook of Texas Online

Innovators - Frank Whittle
Frank Whittle Coventry & Warwickshire News
Gas Turbine Primer
Genius of the Jet - Frank Whittle Documentary
Midland Air Museumís Sir Frank Whittle Jet Heritage Centre

Innovators - Harriet Quimby
All Star Network - Harriet Quimby
Arcadia, Michigan Historical Museum
Harriet Quimby Research Conference
Smithsonian, National Air & Space Museum - Harriet Quimby
The American Experience - Fly Girls
Women in Aviation - Harriet Quimby
Women in Aviation Resource Center

Innovators - Herb Kelleher
Chief Executive of the Year Interview
Herb Kelleher Speech - A Culture of Commitment
Southwest Airlines
U. S. News & World Report - "Americaís Funniest Flyboy"

Innovators - Howard Hughes
American Heritage Magazine - "Howard Hughes: The Innovator"
Howard Hughes Entrepreneur Site
Howard Hughes HK-1 Spruce Goose
Las Vegas Strip Historical Site - Howard Hughes
Smithsonian, National Air & Space Museum - Hughes' H-1 Racer

Innovators - Juan Trippe
All Star Network
National Aviation Hall of Fame - Juan Trippe
Pan American World Airways - The Early Years
University of Miami Library - Juan Trippe Archives

Innovators - Lockheed Brothers
Aviation Enthusiast Corner - Lockheed Aircraft
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics - History Timeline
Lockheed Martin Aircraft
National Aviation Hall of Fame - Allan Lockheed

Innovators - Louis Blériot
Allstar Network - Louis Bleriot
Louis Bleriot
Port of Dover - Louis Bleriot

Innovators - Orville and Wilbur Wright
AmexWayback Wright
First Flight Commission of North Carolina
First Flight Society Wright Brothers History
National Aviation Hall of Fame -- Orville Wright
National Aviation Hall of Fame -- Wilbur Wright
U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission Wright Brothers History
Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company & Museum of

Innovators - William Boeing
National Aviation Hall of Fame - William Boeing
The Boeing Company - William Boeing

Planes - Airbus A380 - A380
Airbus A380
Airbus - A380 - A380

Planes - Blériot XI
Bleriot XI at National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian
Bleriot XI Replica
United States Air Force Museum ≠ Bleriot XI

Planes - Boeing 707
707 Aircraft Spotting - History - The 707
All Star Network - The 707
Aviation History Online Museum - The 707
Super 70s - The 707
The Boeing Company - The 707 Family

Planes - Boeing 747
Pan American World Airways - The Evolution of an Airplane
Super 70s - The 747
The Boeing Company - The 747 Family

Planes - Concorde
British Airways - Concorde
NOVA - Supersonic Spies
Pan American World Airways - The Concorde
Super 70s - Concorde
Super 70s - SST
The Concorde Page
The Unofficial Concorde Home Page

Planes - Constellation
Connieís Comeback (Dutch Constellation)
Constellation Historical Society
Lockheed 1649A Constellation
Lockheed Constellation
Lockheed EC121 Constellation
MATS Connie
Save a Connie

Planes - DeHavilland Comet - Comet
Comet Photographs - Dave Williams
De Havilland Comet - David Young
De Havilland Comet - Marc Schaeffer
DH 106 Comet Site - Martin Painter
High Flying Archives - Comet
Imperial War Museum Duxford - Comet
Seattle Museum of Flight - Comet 4C
The National Air Pageant - Saving the Last de Havilland Comet

Planes - Douglas DC-3
Aviation History Online Museum ≠ DC-3
DC-3 Airways Virtual Airline
DC-3 at National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian
DC-3 Dakota Historical Society
The Boeing Company ≠ DC-3
The DC-3 Aviation Museum
The DC-3 Hangar

Planes - Lockheed L1011
History of the L1011 - Marcus Karlsson
NASA Drysden Flight Research Center Photo Gallery - L-1011
Super 70s - L-1011

Planes - Pan Am Clipper
Aviation History Online Museum - Martin M-130
Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives - S-42
Pan American World Airways
Pan Amís Pacific Pioneers
The Boeing Company - 314
The Flying Clippers: Pan Am's Fabulous Flying Ships

Planes - Spirit of St. Louis ≠ Spirit of St. Louis
EAA Airventure ≠ Spirit of St. Louis
Heritage Halls: Building the Spirit of St. Louis
Spirit of St. Louis at National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian
Technical Preparation of the Spirit of St. Louis
The Untold Story of The Spirit of St. Louis
Virtual Aircraft Museum ≠ Spirit of St. Louis

Planes - Wright Flyer
EAA Airventure Museum ≠ The Wright Flyer
The American Experience ≠ The Wright Stuff
Nova ≠ Wright Brothers' Flying Machine
The Wright Experience
Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company & Museum of

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