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Chasing the Sun
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About the Series
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
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"Chasing the Sun" is based on the book "Turbulent Skies: The History of Commercial Aviation" by T. A. Heppenheimer.
Photo: Wright Brothers at Kitty HawkEpisode 1
Heroes and Daredevils

The First to Fly
The French Hero
The American Bird Woman
Weapons of Destruction


No Experience Necessary
Lucky Lindy
The First Passenger
The Freedom of a Bird

Photo: Douglas-Davis Company Factory Episode 2
The Visionaries

Wind, Sand & Stars
Pan Am


The Birth of the Modern Airliner
The Last Frontier
Fear of Flying

Photo: The CometEpisode 3
Into the Jet Age

The Millionaire Maverick
The Airlines Go to War
The Birth of the Jet Engine
The Rise & Fall of the Comet


Welcome to the Jet Age
An Airborne Fantasy World
The Plane of the Future

Photo: The Boeing 747Episode 4
All Aboard

The 747
Deregulation &
 the Love Airline
The New Breed


The Death of Giants
The Battle of the Titans
Overcrowded Skies
The Art of Flying

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