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Cowboy Song
Blocking Consensus


It seems to me that I've already lost a battle
I fight, then I fight and I fight but it's a
never ending struggle
It's in my head, it's in my heart, it's in reality,
it seems to me our relationship is just a formality.
You were trying to hide something from your parents
that they resent
but what you forgot is that
you are using me, confusing me, abusing me,
because one moment you're mine,
the next you're feeding me a lie.


don't tell me what I wanna hear,
if it's him you wanna be near

(Repeat 4x)

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Blocking Consensus came together in 1998 at Haverford College in Philadelphia. The eight-member group chose their name while debating the merits of the Quaker-based value system integral to their college. Their influences include an eclectic mix of traditional and third wave ska, hard rock, punk, and heavy metal. This mix has developed into a socially conscious party music heard often on area campuses. Members include Brady McCartney on vocals; Sam Edmondson and Jesse Milnes on guitar; Ry Strohm-Herman on bass guitar; Jared Tankel and Danny Zeiger on alto saxophone; Eric Samansky on trumpet; and Elliot Brandow on drums.

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Cowboy Song
Written and Performed by Blocking Consensus
© 2001 Blocking Consensus

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