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East L.A. Sabor Factory


Abre los ojos señores (y mira me)
que mis llantos los grito con tanto agonía...
(Herido por la vida) Que mala suerte yo tuve, jamás yo quería...
(y la plata que?) La plata sigue siendo plata...
(y tu alma que?) Mi alma siempre sera mía...
Lentamente estoy muriendo, falsedad de mis ilusiones.
Friamente estoy viviendo, corrupción a todos rincones
No finges que mi vida te valía algo, maldita plata, te robaste mi ser
Escucha bién mira no te hagas...Porque la plata siempre fue lo que te
Fuí esclavo día tras día...y luego mi familia?
La campaña que sueña mis hijos me llama y hay
suficiente tiempo para contestarles...
Quick call that number
My people are in trouble
911 send help on the double
Tomorrow may never come so today remain humble
And Babylon will crumble when I bring the words that rumble
Some people livin' low
Some people livin' high
Most people that I know working class nine to five
But you, You need to focus
Your camera lens is broken, I took a snap shot
Of a homeless asking for a token
my people boarder jumping off the side of the bridge
Our economy be boosting because of immigrants
Amerikkka keeps building off the future of our kids
And jobless single parents, under paid teachers and
Over worked immigrants
So I take it to tha next level of defense
I grip tha mic tight and spit words that make sense
Your life is to short to forever be oppressed
I keep bringing you the message....
Giving you the lesson....
To keep your heads bobbin' and your mind still stressin',
My form of expression resist against oppression
And on the front lines catch me representin'
The microphone invention injectin' all the children
With eyes to paralyze all the bad that's livin'
I bring tha twenty twenty vision I could see across the ocean
And on tha other side, yo its the same notion
the corrosion goes unspoken and it leaves my heart broken
from old school to new school from preschool to high school public education breeds tha working class
we be working all our lives building futures that don't last
and to those living fat ........ a small percentage
my people breaking backs over minimum wage checks
in this game we're playing with a headless ref
it's a full court press and we all got next
Open your eyes (and look at me)
at how I cry out my sorrow in so much agony
(Wounded by life) What bad luck I've had, I never wanted...
(and money what?) Money continues being money...
(and your soul(heart) what?) My soul (heart) will always be mine...
Slowly I die, falsehood of my illusions
Coldly I live, corruption at all corners
Don't pretend that my life meant something to you, damn money,
you stole my sense of self
Listen up, look, don't act so innocent...because money was all you cared
I was a slave day after day...and what of my family?
The bell that my children ring calls for me, and no...
there isn't enough time for me to answer...

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As their name implies, the young musicians in East L.A. Sabor Factory are from various barrios of East Los Angeles: El Sereno, City Terrace and East L.A. After selling out their 4 song EP and with the recent release of their 6 song EP, this eleven piece music machine is making a historic impact on the burgeoning Latin music scene. The band recently appeared in the Showtime original feature film, "La Sirena: The Princess and the Barrio Boy" starring Edward James Olmos and Maria Conchita Alonzo. And now, they've written an original song, "RIP" for the soundtrack to the series "Senior Year."

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Written and Performed by East L.A. Sabor Factory
Courtesy of Sabor Music
©2001 East L.A. Sabor Factory
© (p) 2001

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