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Safe Spot


They say she's a riot
They say I'm too quiet
Let ya' know now what's really on my mind
This goes out to her
She knows who she is
This goes out to you
I'm definitely make my mark
I'm a survivor
On with the pilot and the striver
Autograph the metro
But don't alert the driver
Next stop
Fairfax and Melrose
Grab my crew
We get in the wind
Like sailboats
Then float
Pull the mean streets out
That's just the way that my crew speaks out
We hit the yard with backpacks
Full of cans we rack
Black books and plenty of skinny and fat cats
My mission is to get my crew world wide fed
I'm about to make the world know my girl's name
But my father lost his job and slipped into the dark courts
So much he tried to cut out his own heart
It seemed to rip my family apart
But really it just drove me deeper into my art
The only time I ever thought I'd give this up
I was cuffed in the back of a cop car
I'm gonna hold your head
But with this hand
I gotta hold this can
And with this pain
I spray my paint
And I spray my love
When I spray your name

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Iriscience (pronounced eye-ree-science), a.k.a. Rakaa is a founding member, along with emcee Evidence, of the hip hop band, Dilated Peoples. The band's first release "The Platform" rewrites the governing rules of contemporary hip-hop, but as indicated from the debut in the song, "Years in the Making," Rakaa and his band mates took close to a decade to sharpen this perspective. Now, Rakaa, Evidence and DJ Babu have added a crew of guests for the recent release, "Expansion Team." Rakaa is also a graduate of Fairfax High School, part of the inspiration for the original track "Safe Spot," an anthem for the series, "Senior Year."

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Safe Spot
Written and Performed by Rakaa

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