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Synopsis of Episode 4

Tragically, only a few weeks into the semester Yevginiy is struck by a car while crossing the street in front of Fairfax and killed. JEAN, JEN (who also knew him well) and kids throughout the school struggle to understand and mourn his death.

During the photo shoot for senior portraits, KENDRA is treated condescendingly by the photographer, who she calls ignorant. "People make these big assumptions without having a clue as to what is really going on."

Jen has lots of crushes, but one in particular -- Anthony. She's loved him for two years, and he has just started coming around and seems to like her. He asks her to be his "temporary girlfriend." Jen's scared. Maybe now she has him -- but is he what she really wants?

JET is proud to be a virgin, and comfortable in his own skin. He's not scared to be himself, and at "Models of Pride", a citywide conference, he tells one meeting "I know I'm beautiful," and attends a safe sex seminar that accepts the kids' sexuality.

Jean still misses his dad, but Maria is becoming more helpful and comforting. Although Maria still worries that she is losing her boyfriend, they have a loving and warm "study session" in the library.

Web Stories

KIM finds herself on the receiving end of a sex education lesson from her mom, "if they don't wear a raincoat, they're not the one for you." Her mom makes the decision to take Kim to the doctor for birth control pills. Kim just finds the whole ordeal "really embarrassing."

ELVIS is in love with Jessica. They've been going together for over two years. "She's fun, beautiful... weird." But Jessica is only a sophomore, so what happens to the relationship after graduation?

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