Senior Year Chat – February 22, 2002

Elizabeth & Jet

Moderator: Good evening everyone, this week on Senior Year let's welcome Elizabeth & Jet. Thanks for being here.

Elizabeth: hi!

Jet: Hello.

paint me black: were you friends with a lot of the people in the show? and did watching the documentry make you see them in a different perspective?

Elizabeth: Mostly they were classmates. After the show I did see them in a different perspective. You realize that they're more interesting than you thought and have real lives.

Jet: No and yes. No I was not friends with a lot of people on the show. Yes, I did, especially Jean and Maria, in my thought that they were just a couple.

katelynn: was it fun on the show?

Elizabeth: Yes, the show was fun. Just talking in front of the camera made me feel like I was talking to myself. Kind of sad when you think about it.

Jet: Hell, yeah, it was fun on the show..because I have a chance to show people who I am.

Moderator: (Elizabeth, this message was submitted by Jacqueline earlier this week)
"I was going through some of my things the other day and I came accross the picture of you and I at prom. I just wanted to check up on you and see how you are doing. Miss you. Best of wishes to you! ~Jacqueline"

amoeba: Elizabeth, what are you doing now?

Elizabeth: I am a barista at Starbucks. Great benefits. Famous people come in all of the time. Working at Starbucks gets a lot of stress out. You get to do a lot of banging.

katelynn: was it ever difficult being on a show with all of these people that you weren't friends with or did you like not ever interact with them?

Jet: It wasn't difficult at all. Because I never really had a chance to hang out with them. I had my crowd and they had theirs.

Elizabeth: In high school I basically hung out with a couple of people and mostly during lunch I ate with a teacher. In the beginning it was difficult not being able to kick it with friends, but after a while you become comfortable with yourself.

katelynn: so it was just like normal school.....only on tv?

Elizabeth: Yeah, like normal school on tv.

Jet: No. it was not a normal school....I did feel, in the beginning, uncomfortable with a camera behind me.

abby: Jet, on the show your parents seemed to accept your homosexuality. When did you come out to them and what was their initial reaction. What about other relatives?

Jet: I came out to my parents when I was 15. My Mom started to cry, my Dad seemed like he didn't care, but in the end he got drunk and started to cry.

katelynn: aww did your mom finally accept it?

Jet: Yeah, she did. And she gave me a hug, but it took a long time but the sad part is she thinks just because I'm gay, I can do hair, nails and makeup.

amoeba: Jet did a lot of people from school pick on you since you were open with your sexuality?

Jet: Oh, my gosh, No! It was different with me. I was the one picking on all the straight kids. I had some guys I would play with that were straight and they would take it as a joke.

Suki: Jet: do u have a twin brother or a younger brother like 15/16? because u r HOT! lol-I mean u have good reason 2 wanna model. While you were @ Fairfax high-did u ever date other guys who were gay? or did you date guys who weren't in your skool? or did u not date and were waiting awhile-or sumthing?

Jet: I never dated when I was in high school because I was scared of who I would date. and plus, I was a loser and I was not able to find a decent kid that was out in school or anywhere else.

katelynn: jet being homosexual how do you feel when people say things like "fag" or "queer" around you ?? or like when someone cassually says "oh thats gay" how does that feel?

Jet: When they say "oh that's gay" I don't mind. But when people say other things like that, I get pissed but I must also understand that some people have a hard time accepting people like me.

abby: Jet, Where there many kids who were out at Fairfax or only a few?

Jet: Just a few, not that many. But you could tell some of them were gay.

abby: were there any girls out?

Jet: Yes, there were lesbians out.

Monique: hi

Jet: Hey, Monique.

Monique: Jet, did you ever have to deal with being bullied at Fairfax because you were gay?

Jet: In the beginning, yes, I had to deal with it, but in the end, I ended up being the bully.

Monique: how so?

Jet: I ended up teasing straight men, playing with them, saying that I loved them.

amoeba: Elizabeth... did you ever visit Korea? I spent four years there as a kid.

Elizabeth: I have visited Korea before when I was younger. I love the countryside there and eventually I do want to go back to Korea but I'd rather go to Italy and Spain first!

amoeba: Elizabeth ... who are your favorite authors?

Elizabeth: I don't read a lot, but right now I am into Tennessee Williams.

amoeba: what do you like about Tennessee Williams?

Elizabeth: How he elaborates, he's descriptive. Usually when I read most writers I cannot see what they they are describing; with Tennessee I can see what he is describing.

Jet: Tennessee Williams is so HOT! His " words" just turn me on.

amoeba: Tennessee Williams is cool.

Elizabeth: Amoeba, you rock my world!

amoeba: Elizabeth ...maybe I can meet you at Starbucks.;)

Elizabeth: Amoeba, what are you wearing?

amoeba: Elizabeth ... tease!

Suki: Jet, what is your religion? are you a muslim? because I was doing some histry lesson 4 skool-&it said that most of the Filipinos are muslim, but like when the US came they kinda converted-so i was just wondering.

Jet: Honey, this is history. We're not all Muslims...I am Catholic, though.

abby: Did you live in the area around Fairfax or did you go there because you picked to go to that school?

Elizabeth: Yes, I lived in the Fairfax area. I have been to three high schools and I must say that Fairfax is very unique.

abby: So you had a choice as to which school you could go to?

Jet: I went there because my friends went there plus there were so many cute guys going there anyways.

abby: Why is it unique? Where else did you go?

Elizabeth: It's so diverse. There are different types of people, different groups. I lived in Michigan and Texas and went to high schools there, too.

Dee: Hi. I graduated from Fairfax High 30 years ago. The episode with the cheerleader tryouts brought back memories of my trying out ( and not making it!).

Elizabeth: Hey, Dee!

Jet: Hey, girlfriend.

Elizabeth: Thanks for watching the show. Is the Fairfax in the show different from the Fairfax you remember?

Dee: The buildings still look the same.

Dee: There hasn't been anything shown about the drama department (or play production as it was called when I went there). Does the school still put on musicals in the spring?

Elizabeth: No, there are no musicals in the spring. I don't know anything about the drama club. There are drama classes.

Moderator: We're half way through everyone. Keep sending in your questions.

Dee: I graduated in 1971 . I tried out for cheerleading and didn't make it, so that episode brought back memories.

Jet: When I tried out for cheerleading I did not put much effort into it. I just wanted to be one of the cool, popular cheerleader girls but ended up not wanting it at all.

katelynn: heck i used to be the biggest b*tch but i went to high school and learned that i wasnt a very liked kid so i left the popular kids because i got sick of their crap and made friends with everyone.

Jet: Good girl, Katelynn, good girl.

Jet: Katelynn, I was always a b*tch there. I guess that's why no one picked on me.

SistaCool: okay now how many peeps are in here?

Elizabeth: Hey, Sistasoulsista!

SistaCool: oh i gotta go i was just in here for a while, i gotta go it's late now

Jet: Hey, Sistagirl!

SistaCool: yes jet?...

SistaCool: hey yalls tonight was the first time of me seeing the show.

Elizabeth: Thanks for watching.

Jet: So...what did you think about it?

SistaCool: i liked it.

SistaCool: it was cooool.

Elizabeth: What did you like most? Who was your favorite character?

Jet: Yeah, Sistagirl, who was your favorite?

SistaCool: well i don't know the names but the korean gurl.

SistaCool: i found her speech real good.

Elizabeth: That's me. Thanks for the compliment. How do you feel about that subject?

SistaCool: it was good.

SistaCool: this is actually my senior year also i will be graduating in May.

Jet: Oh, congratulations to you.

SistaCool: oh i gotta go now people.

SistaCool: but i liked yalls show i will try to watch it.

SistaCool: it was nice chatting with you all.

Dee: Are there any teachers still teaching there who would have been teaching there 30 years ago?

Elizabeth: Possibly Dr. Schusterman (sp?).

Dee: Yes, I think I had Mr. Schusterman. Does he teach English?

Elizabeth: The Schusterman I am talking about is a female. She does teach English.

jerry: elizabeth: where did you attend middle school? somewhere in texas? perhaps fcms?

Elizabeth: Yes! I attended FCMS. Did you go there?

SistaCool: okay laters...

Jet: Alright, Chic, I'll catch you later.

SistaCool: yeah bye

amoeba: SistaCool... leave already!

Dee: Elizabeth, are you planning to go to college? You sound lilke a bright girl. Jet, are you going to college?

Elizabeth: I did one year in college but because of financial difficulties I had to stop and I'm now working full time. I eventually do plan to go back. I, like 500 million other asian kids, want to go to UCLA.

Jet: I'm going to college. I'm majoring in the culinary arts.

Dee: What do you like to cook?

Jet: I like to bake cakes.

Dee: Where are you going?

Jet: Mission Hills're not going to stalk me, are you? If you are, I'm the one with the red hair.

Dee: No, don't even know where that college is. When I went to Fairfax everyone either went to UCLA or a state college.

Jet: It's small. It's up in the hills.

Moderator: 15 minutes...

amoeba: Jet... how did you get your name? is it short for something?

Jet: That's actually my middle name. My godfather was the one who came up with my whole name.

Monique: Are you guys dating anyone?

Jet: Well, I was dating someone but it did not last. I have a hard time keeping a relationship.

Jet: If you could find someone for me that would help. But make sure he's decent and at least has a job and a kind heart. And make sure he's not weird!

Monique: I'm so nosy. =)

Elizabeth: I talk to a few people but still live that independent life.

amoeba: yeah, elizabeth, you dating anyone? what do you mean "talk"?

Elizabeth: Friends. I just have friends. I like to hang out with people and from there, if they have enough money to support me . . .

amoeba: oh ok

Elizabeth: amoeba, are you typing with both hands on the keyboard?

Moderator: OK everyone, we're out of time. We'll see you next time. Goodnite all.

Dee: It's been nice chatting with both of you. Good luck to you in the future.

Elizabeth: Thanks, Dee. It means a lot that we have people watching our show.

Jet: Thanks, Hon. Much love.

amoeba: Well, see ya. Elizabeth, see you at Starbucks ... can I get a free latte? Jet, take care man.

Monique: thanks for talking to us guys.

Jet: You, too.

Monique: bye.

Jet: Chao, babe.

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