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The Forgotten Americans
A Colonia Experience

Take a ride in a mysterious taxi to the colonias.


Focus: Las Colonias
Filmmaker's Journal
An Inside Look
A Colonia Experience
Build A Community  
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As you drive, you notice that this city is different from other cities where you have been. It has the same hustle and bustle of most cities, but it appears to be a bilingual world. You see signs that aren’t in English.

Nuevo Leon and El Sol are signs along the way. You ask the driver what they are for. He laughs, "Those are restaurants."

You pass a bus stop and a man waits with a radio that is playing accordion style music.

"What kind of music is that?" you ask.

"It’s Tejano," he replies. "A mix of Mexico and Texas."

You must be traveling through a city that is near the border of Mexico and the United States. You ask the driver more about this area.

As the taxi stops at a traffic light you see a high school in the distance. It is a brick one-story school. You are curious about this school and want to know what the students here are like.

It is late afternoon and most of the students have already gone home for the day. But then the main door opens and you see a tall, pretty girl who looks about 15.

Do you?

  1. Stop her and ask where you are.
  2. Walk back towards the cab.


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