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The Forgotten Americans
A Colonia Experience

Take a ride in a mysterious taxi to the colonias.


Focus: Las Colonias
Filmmaker's  Journal
An Inside Look
A Colonia Experience
Build A Community  
Cassroom Resources
Press Room

"Excuse me," you say as you get closer. "Can you tell me more about this place?"

She is startled at first when you approach, but she smiles.

"I can tell you are from another place by your clothes," she says. "I wish I could shop more often, but my family can’t afford it. I often have to wear the same outfit every day because I don’t own many clothes and we don’t always have enough water to do the wash every week."

"I am about to walk home," she says. "Would you like to see my neighborhood and where I live?"

You are surprised that a stranger would be so friendly, but you are also very curious about this girl and her neighborhood.

Do you?
    1. Walk with her.
    2. Go back to the cab.


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