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The Forgotten Americans
A Colonia Experience

Take a ride in a mysterious taxi to the colonias.


Focus: Las Colonias
Filmmaker's Journal
An Inside Look
A Colonia Experience
Build A Community  
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The taxi driver veers onto a desolate highway. He drives for a couple of miles and then gets off on an exit that doesn’t have many buildings around it. There are no signs for gas or fast food not even for a convenience store or a town.

The driver suddenly turns onto a dusty, bumpy road. You drive for a while and then you start to see ruddy, crudely constructed shacks. As you look closer you realize that they are a patchwork of building materials: bricks, cinder blocks, plywood and even cardboard. You are startled to see a family sitting on the porch.

Colonia home along the Texas-Mexican border.

Do you?

    1. Ask the driver to stop so you can talk to the people.
    2. Tell the driver to keep going.

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