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The Forgotten Americans
A Colonia Experience

Take a ride in a mysterious taxi to the colonias.


Focus: Las Colonias
Filmmaker's Journal
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A Colonia Experience
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The highway leads you into a small city and you wonder how long it will take to get back on the road toward your home. You notice that this city is smaller it doesn’t seem to have as many restaurants and stores, but it too has a bilingual feel. Many of the signs you see are in Spanish but the street signs are in English.

The driver continues on and then you hear the scratchy voice of the taxi cab dispatcher come through the radio. You can’t understand what the woman is saying, but it sounds like she is reminding the driver that he has other fares to think about.

Then the driver explains that he must pick up additional passengers in order to make his quota for the day. He asks if you mind if he makes one pick-up before taking you to your destination.

Just then the driver sees a man on the sidewalk about to flag down a cab.

Do you?

    1. Tell him it’s okay to stop.
    2. Tell him to choose the next passenger.

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