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The Forgotten Americans

Filmmaker's Journal


Focus: Las Colonias
Filmmaker's Journal
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December 15, 1999

Hector Galan,  Dr. Jaime Chahin and Henry Cisneros begin recording the film's narration. The film's working title had been The Children of Las Colonias, but we presented it with a new title: The Forgotten Americans.

In January, we will head into the final post-production phase and we will finalize the script and record the narration. We also plan to complete the final score.

Dr. Chahin chose Henry Cisneros, one of the Hispanic community’s leaders, to narrate the film. Cisneros, the former Mayor of San Antonio, served in the Clinton Administration as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He now works in the private sector.

We will begin recording his narration in January and do the final touches to get ready for a March presentation at the Smithsoninian Institution in Washington, D.C.

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