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The Fillmore Stories section of the site features:
  • Downloadable, standards based Lesson Plans developed by teachers for use in classrooms.
  • Photos, maps, and video clips of Places in the Fillmore.
  • An interactive Timeline with photos and video clips.
  • Video clips, photos, and interview excerpts of the People in the Fillmore program.
  • History and audio clips of Music from the Fillmore.
If you're interested in doing more, visit our Community Forum where you can share stories about your own neighborhood. Or visit our Resources area for ideas on ways to make a difference in your community.

books Use standards based lesson plans in your classroom
ruler Read the historical timeline that shaped the Fillmore
sunglasses Tour the Fillmore with James Baldwin
quotation bubbles Hear what 1960s Fillmore teens have to say about redevelopment
headphones Listen to Music from the Fillmore

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