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Voyage to Kure: More Fun Adventures

Go Outside and …

  • Investigate native and invasive species in your area.
    • Research which species are native to where you live.
    • Do a species survey, using a field guide to identify native and invasive species and compare percentages of each.
    • Look into how the exotic (non-native) species may have come to your area and try to determine if they are harmful to the native ecosystem.

Read …

  • Just a Dream, by Chris Van Allsburg, or The Lorax, by Dr.Seuss, two great children's books that are fun for all ages.
    • Halfway through each story, stop and guess what is going to happen.
    • Write a sequel to the story -- what takes place next?

Visit …

  • A local landfill or recycling center and take a tour.
    • Find out what path your waste takes after it leaves your house. (Waste that is properly disposed of has a much smaller chance of ending up as marine debris.)
    • Learn more about how different materials -- plastics, glass, aluminum, paper -- are recycled.
    • Do a recycling inventory of your household garbage: Calculate the percentage of the trash in your house that is recyclable.

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Join a …
  • Watershed or coastal cleanup effort.
  • Invasive species removal project.
  • Native species planting endeavor.