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Educator Guide to Sea Ghosts

In this one-hour program, Jean-Michel Cousteau travels with his team to the Arctic and sub-Arctic to discover why some beluga groups are thriving and others are disappearing. The relationship between people and belugas is ancient. For more than 4,000 years, hunters of the north have depended on these whales for their own survival in a land with little to offer. These traditional cultures have now partnered with scientists and modern technology to protect the beluga, which, in turn, ensures their own future. Yet these efforts are only a small part of the story as new discoveries have raised troubling questions about the health of belugas and their long-term survival.

Sea Ghosts Viewing Guide: Beluga whales and the Arctic ecosystem may seem far-removed from many of us. Use these activities to enlighten students about our connection with these fascinating marine mammals and their icy home. Included are clips recommended for classroom use and theme-based Viewing Questions to engage students while they watch the program.

Ocean Adventures Lesson Plans: Extend the learning of your students with these lesson plans that accompany the Web-original videos listed below.

  • Arctic Animals and a Changing Climate: Through activities and discussion questions, learn about the effects of a changing climate on the Arctic ecosystem and its well-known mammals.
  • Beluga Balancing Act: Study a population of beluga whales to learn about the issues that the whales currently face. Then, create a PSA with suggestions for how to help protect the population of belugas.

Ocean Adventures Web-Original Videos: Use these short (2- to 5-minute) videos to learn more about beluga whales and our impact on the Arctic ecosystem.

Download Library: Download pictures of beluga whales and other Arctic animals for use in classroom projects.

Educator Web Links: Expand your curriculum with recommendations from the Ocean Adventures education team.

All Ocean Adventures Educational Materials: View all of the lessons and activities Ocean Adventures has to offer.

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