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Women are from X, Men are from Y
What are scientists learning about how women and men relate differently to their environment? And what are they discovering about... view this site

Genetics at the Crossroads
It’s been more than a year since the human genome was mapped… So now, what does that mean for people... view this site

The Science of Spirit
What are scientists discovering about how our brains behave during meditation and prayer? And how is a chemical compound used... view this site

The Bionic Human
How are science and technology enabling someone to pick up a shirt – with a paralyzed arm? And how can... view this site

Wired Sports
How is high technology revolutionizing Olympic training in Colorado? Why did a group of surfers re-invent the wheel in Santa... view this site

Small Town Tech
How is high technology changing things in small town America? Find out with visits to a Hawaiian cattle ranch, a... view this site

The Age of Aging
Are people programmed to live a hundred and twenty years or longer? Does lifestyle outweigh genetics when it comes to... view this site

Scents and Sense Ability
Can a machine identify odors better than a human nose? What makes certain flavors evoke an almost emotional response? Check... view this site

Re-Inventing Inventing
People have been inventing things for thousands of years – but at the dawn of the twenty-first century, high tech... view this site

21st Century Baby
Scientific advances are creating a new era in human procreation – with conception accessible to more women, and doctors increasingly... view this site

Entertainment Tomorrow
Technology is stretching the bounds of entertainment, replacing old-fashioned rag dolls with walking talking computer-powered friends and letting movie makers... view this site

The Future of War
Wars have been fought since pre-history – but the nature of war has often been shaped by advances in technology.... view this site

The Science of Love
Poets have been struggling to describe love for centuries. But now scientists are taking love into the lab - and... view this site

The Robotics Revolution
They’re in the air, they’re under water, and soon they might even be in your house. From mechanical surgeons to... view this site

The Frontiers of Forensics
Justice often hinges on evidence – and today’s forensics experts have high tech tools that would amaze Sherlock Holmes. From... view this site

Stem Cell Conundrum
An explanation of the latest scientific discoveries about stem cells – the keys to our physical existence – and how... view this site

Power Struggle
In the fifties and sixties, nuclear energy was seen as the fuel source of the future. But later, high costs... view this site

The Digital Self
In the real world you're one person, but online you become another --maybe even more than one. What is it... view this site

Weathering Heights
We’ve been trying to predict the weather since the dawn of time. Find out how a new generation of forecasting... view this site

Tech for Art's Sake
Digital tools are revolutionizing the arts – and changing everything from how works are created to how audiences experience them.... view this site

Space for Sale
Are you ready for a vacation in orbit? Private companies are making plans to turn the heavens into the ultimate... view this site

Size Matters
Machines that live inside the human body alongside cells? Materials the size of molecules? These are among the predictions for... view this site

Who's Watching Whom?
In the digital age, eyes are everywhere, watching and being watched. Is surveillance necessary or an invasion of privacy? We’ll... view this site

Getting There
Technology is changing the way we get around. Experts say we’ll soon have the know-how to make commuting faster, safer... view this site


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