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Springboard is a great opportunity to get kids thinking about how science and technology effects their lives. You can use the television series, Web site and following classroom activities to increase students' awareness of the latest innovations and the impact of technology on society, while teaching basic physical science concepts.

Teaching Materials
Springboard is accompanied by two online teaching guides filled with science and technology activities. Each lesson is reinforced with follow-up discussion topics to help students better understand the social impact of the latest scientific and technological innovations on our lives and our culture. Our guides are presented in an easy-to-print format, and educators are encouraged to download and photocopy these materials for use in the classroom.

Each lesson includes background information, answers where appropriate, and National Science Standards and Curriculum Links. These teaching materials are recommended primarily for middle school students, though educators may find many activities useful for high school students as well.

The Changing Face of the Automobile

(PDF, 148k)
Learning Objectives:
To test automobile aerodynamics and the impact of shape on distance traveled. To figure the financial and environmental impacts of fuel efficient vehicles.


Here's Lookin' At You, Kids!

(PDF, 228k)
Learning Objectives:
To compare and contrast functionality of the human eye with a video camera. To discuss the social implications of the increasing presence of surveillance cameras in today's society.

How do I download the lessons?
The Springboard lessons are available in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need to have installed on your computer the Adobe Acrobat™ Reader program in order to view and print the lesson plans. You may download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat™ Reader by visiting Adobe's Web site.

Off-Air Taping Rights
Educators may record each program as it airs, free of charge, for classroom use up to one year following the premiere date. To plan to record Springboard, be sure to check the TV Schedule for broadcast information in your area, or use the PBS station finder to contact your local public television station.

Other Great Online Resources for Teachers
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Teaching with Technology
Tools, tips and tutorials to help you integrate technology in the classroom.


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