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The Digital Self
In the real world you're one person, but online you become another --maybe even more than one. What is it about cyberspace that encourages so many people to experiment with role playing -- and what do experts in human behavior say about it?

Interview: Rebecca Roberts talks with author Sherry Turkle about her explorations of the psychology of computer-mediated communication on the Internet. Join in.

Watch: Producer/Reporter Andy Jordan drops in on a gathering of avatars and talks with Howard Rheingold, who has written extensively about online communities. Real 56k, or Quicktime.  get the player

Vote: In this Digital Age, are we becoming more connected with one another?   YES or NO?

Research: Want further insight into the nature of online identity and community? Here are some places to start.

Discuss: Share your adventures online. Have they been meaningful? What's your opinion?

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