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Indians Spearing Muskrats in Winter


"It is a grand amusement, demolishing the houses of the musk-rats in winter. The Indians, in their warm winter clothes, are keen for the sport, and destroy a settlement of these industrious little animals for the enjoyment of bracing exercise, as well as for the money they hope to receive as their reward.

In the distance, the picture represents the hunter holding up to the sight of his comrade the rat he has just speared; while the successful one in the foreground can hardly take time to look, so busy is he in filling his sack, which, lying on the ice, is almost half full of game. When the day is gone, and gloomy shadows begin to fall over the lake, they will have much ado to carry home their burdens to the wigwam." - Mary Eastman, wife

Video: Dakota elder

Rev. Gary Cavender, Dakota Elder

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