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Guarding the Cornfields


"The picture represents the peculiar mode of the indian women guarding from the hungry blackbirds, the corn they planted. They have been watching its growth, and calculating on a heavy crop, and it would be too hard now to lose the advantages of their labor.

Lo! a cloud is movin gently towards them, like a great wave of the sea, when the storm has darkened it. it advances, and the keen eye of the old woman watches it until it settles over the corn. Now is the time. She springs up, and going towards the side of the scaffold, commences a most unearthly hooting, pounding with a stick upon an old tin pan, or some such unmusical object. The boy has a gourd, and he rattles it and whoops. They are making a hideous noise together... It is over with the blackbirds - confusion falls upon them as a body, and they retreat, hungry as they came, affording the hoarse women and half-distracted children an opportunity to recover their voices and equanimity. They lay down under the awning and doze, and are presently invigorated for another onset. - Mary Eastman, wife

Video: Dakota elder

Rev. Gary Cavender, Dakota Elder

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